Saturday, December 17, 2005

More degrees

Sometimes, having choice is not a good thing.
I have done 60 renderings for the 45 degree opart piece. The only thing I am sure of now is that I will not use purple.
In the old days, I did color pencils drawings to test my ideas. This was a messy and time consuming process, which left a stack of drawings behind at the end of the project.
Now with a computer, I can color a drawing in a matter of minutes. I can reverse it, turn it inside out, outside in, upside down, or a combination of all 4 with a few commands. The majority of these have been drawn in the nw quadrant and then copied to the rest of the page
Of course, this design can colored in literally millions of ways. The only problem with all these choices, at some time I need to decide which one to produce.

Winning this "contest" is this image.
The next stage is to build a model, make the needed changes to it, and build the final image.


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