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Chamblee54 -

When I saw some of your recent posts on Centurion I wanted to send a note to you. I can understand your responses, for a few reasons. First - The dialogue that you dared to enter was very disappointing - I'll say no more here. Second - it wasn't that long ago that I detested the very name of "Christian." In fact I went out of my way to disprove the legitimacy of the Bible; rebuff the very concept of faith in God and oppose any "believer" that I could find. All of this began when I knew a person who claimed to be a Christian, but who acted to so contrary to Christ that I decided that it was all a spiritual scam. Unfortunately, you will meet people who name the name of Christ, but who seem to evidence very little grace in their actions and words - let me encourage you not to be distracted when you have such encounters. What I say here is not directed to any of the contributors to that thread, nor Mr. Turk himself; if I felt the need to speak regarding their conduct, then I would speak directly to them. But I would suggest that you not become distracted with such things, but only consider Christ Himself. Years ago a young man my age would come over to where I lived and would ask me to come to a Bible study. Week after week I refused, reminding him that I had no desire to fellowship with hypocrites - but he persisted; kindly and with great endurance, he persisted. His graciousness was compelling - even strange, for I had never seen someone who took my punches, but still came back to talk to me. I finally capitulated and went the Bible study he attended - just to get him off of my tail! It was there that I heard the Bible being taught - not talked about, nor was it spiritualized through fanciful story telling; it was just plainly taught - and the text was John 1:1-18. What I saw in that text, I had never seen before - the truth about who Christ really is and what it is that He accomplished on this earth. It was there and then I believed in Christ for salvation.

Yes, I'm one of those "Christians."

In fact, after college I attended a seminary such that now I serve the Lord as a pastor in a church. Yes, I was a persecutor of the church, and I opposed Christianity with all my breath, but now (by God's grace alone) I love the Lord (Mark 12:28-31) Who first loved me (1 John 4:19). I can assure you that all that I have in Christ I do not deserve - I am by nature a corrupt and sinful man, not deserving a square inch of heaven, but I'm just thankful that the Lord had mercy on me. Well, now that's a long post - thanks for your patience Chamblee54 - I'm praying for you. If you want to chat, my e-mail is REV22V5@aol.com.

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