Saturday, June 03, 2006


Pyramids have long interested me. I read an article about “pyramid power”, back when that was the flavor of the month. It gave the dimensions of a model pyramid…. 9 3/8” base, 8 7/8” sides…that were allegedly the same as the dimensions of the “great” pyramids in Egypt. I have been making pyramids ever since.
I take the claims of razor sharpening and fruit preservation skeptically. However, pyramids have aesthetic value, whether they were invented by Egyptians or were imported from Outer Space. During my years of working “In House” at an architectural firm, I was encouraged to build pyramids to hang from the diffusers on the ceiling. While this is not technically the way pyramids are supposed to be displayed, they did create a striking image.
My “art” pyramids will be the subject for a future post. Today, I am showing pictures of my new Backyard Pyramid.
This object has a base of 48”x48”. It is 32” tall. The model pyramids I have built are 6” tall, with a 9 3/8” base. The height is 64% of the base on the small pyramids, and 66% of the base on the stone pyramid. This is very close to the original dimensions, especially when you consider that the stone pyramid was made with found blocks of stone (with no cutting) and with a minimum of planning.
The border was an idea that presented itself after the pyramid was built. It has 58 blocks of granite, and adds to the feng shui of the pyramid. I made a piece of cardboard that was 48”x48”, and used it when I was preparing the site and measuring the sides of the base. This cardboard model was used again in the building of the border. The inside of the border is 48” from the base of the pyramid, so the inside of the border is 144”x144”.


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