Thursday, June 15, 2006


"SmartCard" was under the driver’s side window of my work truck this morning.
1- I am a good person because God lives in my heart.
2- The coward who left this card for me is lower than snake poop. He left this drivel anonymously, so that I had no way to reply to it. (I apologize for the reverse chauvinism, but I don’t feel like being gender inclusive. Besides, the perpetrators of stunts like this are usually males) Also, he forgot the most important step in witnessing...earning my trust.
You see, anyone can talk about religion. Many of those who do have shady motives. Only when you have the trust and respect of the person you are "witnessing" to, should you proceed. Anything less is an insult to God, and creates ill will. And when you use the name of God without trust, you are speaking in vain.... any questions refer to the third commandment.
3- The coward who left this card does not know me. If he did, he would know that I do not appreciate his babble.
He also would not know that last night I wrote."I am so alienated from Jesus, I wish to never hear his name again"(comment#14)
4- When you are driving for hire, you have plenty of time to think. I could have done without the stress that this card caused.
5- To anyone who ever leaves "cute" messages to strangers about Jesus...You are creating ill will for Jesus. If you want to have a Jesus Party, go to a church and talk to someone who wants to hear what you are saying.
6- The first commandment is very simple...Have no other God before you. This does not say " except for the Son of God". This does not include books about God. It says, God. Period.


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