Sunday, June 11, 2006


Watering the garden today, I found beans on the trellis. While this should not be surprising, it was an exciting moment.
Now, I have enjoyed working the earth in the back yard. The exercise, the fresh air, the energy I get from the weeds I pull…all of this gives me enjoyment. The fact that I get to eat fresh beans tomorrow is a bonus.


Blogger Anne H. said...

Grote Reber is known for advancing the science of radio astronomy but he was also a botanist. He discovered that if you unwind those cute little things that attach to the trellis and rewind them in the opposite direction, you'll get bigger beans. (I hope I am remembering this all correctly.) I bought Blue Lake bean seeds this year with every intention of getting lots of beans to can (I love to can them, wow, good) but also to test Mr. Reber's discovery for myself. But... Significant Other put so much weed killer in the garden that it killed three of my four tomato plants. Therefore, I won't be testing this idea this year. But, maybe you'll find this to be interesting? (If S.O. would buy me a new battery for my digital camera, I'd post a picture of the barren mess in the yard on my also barren blog!)

anne (yes, the one from Purgatorio)

10:14 PM  

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