Monday, September 11, 2006

Asphalt Abbreviation

CruellaDeville.These days I earn my living as a local delivery driver. One of the features of this lifestyle is talk radio. The ones that I hear are mostly right wing, and I seldom agree with them.
Now, between delivery stops, commercials, and an itchy button finger, I seldom listen to more than a few minutes of any show at a time. It leads to an impressionistic view...what is said at the moment I am listening, until I have to get out of the vehicle, or feel the need to shout a cuss word and turn the radio off.

Imagination.Now, as you may imagine, these folks had a few things to say about the anniversary of 911 today. One of the talkers here...his name rhymes with squeal...was so fired up about today that he arranged for a studio in Arizona to host his show while he was on vacation. When I first tuned into him today, he said " I never had sex with that woman". While he may have been talking about his marriage, I suspect he was referring to a certain cigar loving politician.
One of the others... a woman named Laura Ingraham (was Squeal talking about her?) said that we should take a positive view, and focus on the good things about America.
The third part of the morning trifecta, Denny Radio, said he was going to heaven when he died because he had the jesus in his heart thing.
Sigh. I thought religion was behind the 911 attacks.

Anniversary. While I may talk about 911 later... my story of where I was that day, what it has done to America, how I wish W would shut up...I really don't feel like it now. I also have a few ideas about the media's fetish for anniversaries. It is a common observation that we have more media than messages, and the gap is growing wider every day. The empty space is being filled with celebrity gossip, anniversaries, sports, and right wing nonsense...oh I forgot, and there is a liberal bias.
As a blogger, I am now a part of the media. I guess I need to do my part.
Back to the talk radio. I had a cosmic realization this morning (or is that comic). Someone had an ad for a wine and food show that was coming up, with gourmet food samples, cooking demonstrations, and wine samplings.
As I got out of the vehicle to deliver the merchandise, the last words were "wine samplings".
And I knew what the snippets of talk radio was...a WHINE SAMPLING.


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