Wednesday, March 28, 2007

smells like old fogey spirit

I went to the Arbys, and found, to my delight, that the 2 for $4 fish sandwich deal would be going on through April. Getting home, I realized that I haven’t posted anything in a few days. People might think I was slack if I didn’t put something up, and I don’t want that.
Kurt Cobain would be forty today. Of course, being forty is not what it used to be. When I did high school, there was a saying, never trust anyone over thirty. And I went to my thirty year class reunion five years ago.
There is a book in my bag now about Nirvana. This is the "grunge" band from the early nineties, not the nordic paradise. Nor is it the Christian rock band, which got $50k to change their name from Nirvana, to whoknows what else. There was a part about how Kurt's lyrics often did not make sense (duh). Maybe this is the style of the new generation, of the text message attention span. Or, perhaps a paradigm for modern invasion of babylon, expecting to be greeted as liberators, with the troops home for Memorial Day.

R.E.M. wrote songs that don't make sense either. They once lived in Athens GA. Lots of things about Athens GA don't make sense, even if they make dollars.
As I write this, Florida is poised to win the NCAA basketball title for the second year running.
The first name mentioned in "52 girls" by the B52s is Effie. If you grew up in Georgia during a certain time period, you know about Effies. Some German filmmaker...I think it was Mr. Fassbinder...made a movie, "Effie Briest". The mitteleuropa Effie was not like the Classic City variety. Of course, little is known about THAT Effie, except that her business was on the banks of the Oconee River.
"Shall we gather at the river"

Frances Bean Cobain is a teenager.
Is coherence, structure, grammar and spelling obsolete?Was this planned obsolescence conceived by William Randolph Hearst over a century ago?
Marion Davies called her longtime paramour "W.R." He gave Ogelthorpe University $100k and 400 acres of land in exchange for a degree, and a granite building named "Phoebe Hearst Hall".
John Waters probably did not subject Patti Hearst to the casting couch.
Courtney Love...bless her Her band is called "Hole". There is not indication of what the LE stands for, unless it is a french pronoun. Maybe she was going to call it "Le Ho", but some Christian band was already using the name. Being cheap is often the correct move.

The spell check suggestions for this post:
effie...effuse, eiffel, elfin, iffy off, ufo,
french ...front, drench, trench, wrench, fresh, freest, fret, ferret, ferrite, Franc, France, Franco
fogey...foggy, fogy, fogged, fogger,
Arbys...arbors, abyss, airbus, aerobes.

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