Tuesday, April 03, 2007

supreme buffet

Morningeditionmisplaced At 739 this morning, I realized with horror that it was a workday, and that I needed to be entering a p.i.n. in a computer (a.k.a. hitting a timeclock) in 41 minutes, in a place 15 miles from home.
At 620, I had been asleep, when the alarm told me to get up. For some reason, I rolled over and cut it off.
Now, I was having a splendid dream at some time, though probably not when I detoured the alarm. It was about sewing rainbow colored robes for the Supreme Court. Since there are nine, we could use an extra shade of blue, and maybe a paisley combo (Clarence Thomas would get that one).
Now, I am not a SCOTUS geek. Aware of the importance of the "high" court, but woefully ignunt of the names, personalities, conservative-liberal score, and most other details. Some guy named Scalia is a rabid conservative who likes to sing. He would get to wear orange.

Sushisushisushi And the day dragged on. Not getting breakfast left me in a raw mood all morning. At ten minutes to noon, I was told to go take an hour’s lunch. Since I didn't fix lunch, I head for a chinese buffet.
Now, I have always been leery of chinese buffets. There were no flea collars on the loading dock. A clue that this may be no better is a sign, "carry out buffet $4.59 a pound”. When you include chicken bones, those things add up. After much thought, I decided to eat in. I found an old USA today, with an article about a surviving world war one fighter. He was gung ho for duty, lied about his age to get in, and went to France as an ambulance helper. He was not in combat, which may have something to do with his living to be over 100.
I don't think I will go back to the buffet. This is despite the delightful cashier, who is discussing something on a cell phone when I get there. The only english I hear is “collection agency”. She says her man makes her want to kill, or something to that effect. Maybe I should have suggested the sushi.
About an hour before I go home, I eat two ibuprofen. They kick in on the way home. Soon, a healthy rainfall is feeding my garden, I get some dinner, and the memory of the wretched day is...a memory.
The spell check suggestions for this feature:
ignunt...ingot, ingest, ingenue
Scalia...scalier, scale, scaly, squally



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