Wednesday, May 09, 2007

morally centered

Usually, I write this on word pad, but today I opened this through the start menu and it came up ms word. This is much better than the version I have at home, and I can write this in comic with a 14 pt letters, which is more fun than the arial nonsense I am used to.
Sooo, I get in a few minutes early, and there is a buggy by the back door with a huge run for me to make. While this is putting off the day when I can work inside full time, for now I have a paycheck, the sky is blue, I don’t have a court date or an illness, so maybe I should just enjoy things.
I get on the freeway, and turn on the radio. Now, talk radio is part of the delivery lifestyle. You like to hear the traffic reports, and the whiners are….well, they are. Like RuPaul said, “Black Hair Is”. Of course, you can’t use a relaxer on Rush Limbaugh.
I can see a problem with this version of word. At home I like to record the spell check suggestions for words, which has a poetic feng shui. Like comparing RuPaul to rural, rupee, repel, Raphael, and Repeal….you can’t make that stuff up. Alas, in this version of word, the spell check suggestions only stay up as long as this window is open, and if you switch to another window they go away. I could write them down with a pencil, but that is too much work.
So, back to am radio . Some caller said “ I have never listened to your show, but it is refreshing to hear someone who is so morally centered”. Thinking I was listening to Squeal, my jaw dropped, until I heard Bill Bennett say “thank you”. That was just about as ridiculous.
Later, Mr. Bennet was a guest on Squeal’s show. Holy synchronicity, Batman. Somebody had a book to plug, and someone else had time to fill on his show Can someone say symbiotic?
Now, Mr. Bennett is not a morally centered man. He writes books about “Virtues” and forgets to mention that he has a seven digit gambling problem. He was also the “drug czar” under George H.W.Bush. This later fact was not mentioned by Squeal, who calls himself a libertarian. As “drug czar”, he facilitated the arrest of millions of Americans for marijuana use, while condoning the use of alcohol. He also spread damaging lies under the guise of drug education, presided over the spread of employment based drug testing, and watched helplessly as cocaine/crack use expanded.
“Morally centered”? You Bet!!
Spell check for this feature:
arial--aril, ariel,aria, arian, aerial, axial, trial, arrival, arils, arid, aries, areola, air
sooo- so sough, soon, soot, sa, su, sogo, solo, sob, sod,sol, son, sot, sop, sow, sox, soy,sos
RuPaul- rappel, repeal, repel, ripple, rural
bennet- bonnet, ben net. banned

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