Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking for Buddy Holly

7/26/2007__9:43:00 PM
The original plan was to go to McDonalds, get dinner, and come back and write something to post. There were no pressing issues. The blatherings of Neal Boortz are boring, as is the progress I am making on a picture. The habit of posting is good, and I shouldn't let a minor annoyance like nothing to say stop me.
First, I decide to walk to the school and recycle some newspapers. That led to a stroll up a nearby street, to investigate some things people had thrown out...I found some nifty pink plastic storage boxes a couple of days ago, and thought I saw something on my way home today. The walk was not productive, but I began to realize how much I was enjoying walking in the July twilight listening to the crickets.
Were the crickets talking about me? Or, was it wondering when Buddy Holly would return?
I get back to the house, and realize that McDonalds could wait, that visiting with the crickets was just too comfortable to pass by. If I go north up the street, I risk running into an impossibly chatty neighbor. While I sometimes enjoy his company, I just wasn't in the mood to listen to his stories for a half hour before I make up an excuse to get back up the road. So I go south.
Before long, I see two humans and a dog, and realize that I know them. When one mentions that I haven’t seen you since I don’t know when, I tactfully don't mention that it was at the visitation for her father.
I am wearing a t shirt with a map of Texas, courtesy of an airport gift shop in Midland. This leads to a discussion of Texas, and a general agreement that we wouldn't want to live there. Another time I was wearing this shirt, and another neighbor pointed out where he had grown up. Tonight, this prompted the comment that "I didn't know he was from Texas".
I discussed the last time I had seen a tomboy who grew up with us. It was at the Krystal on Buford Hiway, and at least thirty years ago. I saw a semi familiar face, and she said “you don’t know who I am” “no” “YOU CREEP” . I immediately knew who I was talking to.
After a few minutes, the two humans decided it was time to go in their house.
I continued down one street, took a left, and walked past a mass of kudzu. The crickets noted all of this. Did you hear about what Peggy Sue did now?
While the trees are pretty, and provide shade, they get in the way of sunlight for gardens. This is an issue with my backyard vegetables. Passing a McMansion, I was struck by how much open space there was, and how much direct sunlight he got. And all he grows with it is lawn grass.
Before long, I am back home, cranking the car, and it is 9:19. I get up at 6am, and I like to sleep. In other words, the day is essentially over.
For the crickets, the day is just beginning.


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