Monday, July 30, 2007

Three is a Crowd

The grim reaper pulled off a triple celebrity feature today.
Ingmar Bergman once directed a film where the grim reaper played a game of chess with a would be recruit. A darling of film snobs, and the consort of Liv Ullman, Bergman made some of the most relentlessly serious movies ever. At one time I really liked them, but haven't seen one in at least 28 years. He made some remarkable observations about the human condition.
Three of his films have won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: The Virgin Spring in 1961; Through a Glass Darkly in 1962; and Fanny and Alexander in 1984.
Bill Walsh led the 49ers to three Super Bowl titles.
Once, N.B.C. was bidding on the Olympics.
At the time, they had a New Years Day bowl game triple feature (Like today, these things come in threes). So the presentation happened, and N.B.C. carried on and on about their coverage of the Sugar Bowl, the Rose Bowl, and the Orange Bowl.
They did not get the rights to the Olympic games.
After the meeting, a member of the International Olympic Committee confided to an N.B.C. guy that "your emphasis on the bowel games was in bad taste".
Tom Snyder had a unique show. Coming on at One a.m. after Johnny Carson, he discussed serious topics. He was a part of the seventies.
He also worked at Channel Two in Atlanta, WSB, on his way up the ladder. Bill Walsh’s 49ers played in the same division as the Falcons. Ingmar Bergman changed planes in Atlanta.
I don't know what the three connection is for Tom Tomorrow.
Spell Check Suggestions for this feature:
Ingmar- anagram
Bergman- bagman, bagmen
Liv- Iv, live, lie, lib,lid.lip, lit, Liz


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