Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Iraqi Punditry

Some of the best writing about the war in Babylon is from the Iraqi blogs. Also some of the best comments about blogging.
While looking at the Shaqawa today, I saw a link to a comment about the self destruction of the insurgents. This is the most concrete "Good News" to come out of Babylon recently. It is the centerpiece of the media counteroffensive that claims victory is in sight. Reading this commentary shows the truth to be a bit more complicated than our obedient media would have you believe.
Talismangate is a great blog. He had an article in 2005 speculating that Nostradamus predicted the rise of Al Zarqawi. I am sure you remember Zarqawi...gruesome post mortem pictures of him were displayed after his demise, as well as the confident assertion that the war had turned a corner.
Talismangate is not a political scandal involving lucky charms. It is a building in Baghdad.
The irony is that Zarqawi was largely the creation of Amerikan Hype. He did cause a lot of trouble after he got to be well known, and had a large role in starting the Civil War. He was not greeted as a liberator.
But that is not the comment about blogging. This is:
In other words, this space is devoted to all the stuff that would peg me a crank should I try to put it out in print. But what the hell, journalistic credibility is way too over-regarded. Plus, blogging is an exercise in vanity; it is the joy-ride of ego-trips. So, excuse my pompous self-righteousness, and try to enjoy your stay.


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