Thursday, August 02, 2007

Win some Lose some

George W. Bush, like all presidents, gets some things right and some things wrong. When the shortcomings include a self destructive war, it gets most of the attention. However, there have been some bright spots.
The most notable has been a return to obscurity of the First Lady. Laura Bush has looked good on the occasions when she is in public, but has not been heard from that much.
This is a good move. After Nancy Reagan (Just say No!), Barbara Bush (Lose those pearls) and (Bless her heart) Hillary Clinton, it is a blessing to not see Laura Bush every time you turn on the TV.
The National Enquirer does report that Ms.Bush is failing in one important chore... hiding the bottle from W.
Also, neither of the twins has married. A White House wedding would be good for the national morale. We have 17 more months. Maybe something could be arranged.
Hillary was the flack catcher for her hubby. The bile spewed at her by the main stream media was astonishing in its volume and virulence. At least Laura Bush has been spared that.
On the other hand, Mr. Bush has grievously screwed up with the Vice President. The VP is supposed to dedicate public buildings,attend funerals, and prepare to run for president. (Lyndon Johnson took a short cut into the oval office) He is not supposed to run the entire show, as Dick Chaney is clearly doing.
Now, the shortcomings of Mr. Chaney are well documented. What is much less certain is why is this turkey such a big deal. The Vice President is not supposed to be in charge.
There is a story about a president who tired of listening to a chandelier making noise. He had it removed from the white house, and placed in the vice presidents office to keep him awake.
The last shortcoming of W that we will cover today is this business of having "off the record" meetings with conservative radio whiners in the oval office. He had another one yesterday. Our buddy Squeal (Neal Boortz) was in attendance, as was Laura Ingraham and Michael Medved. Mike Gallagher and Sean Hannity were bumped from the A list. Squeal said that W seemed to have a special affection for Laura Ingraham.
Sex scandals in the White House seem to be a Democratic Tradition. This is one more area where the President has not performed/gotten caught. This is a good thing. Maybe Martha Stewart could help out.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
vp- up vapid vapor viper spa spy ape
Boortz- boots, boosts, borty, boot, boor, booty, booth
Medved- meddled, moved, mended, melded, meted ,mudded, edged
Hannity-sanity, vanity, annuity, haney, humanity, handily

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