Friday, October 12, 2007

Ladies in PInk

Driving from Alpharetta to Norcross, I saw the traffic backing up and a sidewalk full of women wearing pink.
It was another charity walk, this time for breast cancer.
There are some mixed feelings here. I didn't enjoy waiting in traffic, and the policemen escorting the walkers could be doing other things.
There is also a bit of cynicism about the whole idea of charity walks. It seems like the organizations would get more money if the walkers just raised donations without the gimmick to justify it. The expenses of such an affair take up a good bit of the take, as AIDS walkers found a few years ago.
But, moving on to the good side, many many events are justified by fundraising. Yes the expenses eat up a good bit of what the goodworks could be getting, but rich people need to party.
We can also consider the good side of this. The women (and a few men) who were walking shared a powerful experience. The event does raise consciousness about a dreadful disease.
I used to not take breast cancer seriously. That was before a friend of mine found a lump on her breast, and was buried about a year later. When that lump spreads into the rest of the body, you have problems.
Besides, pink is a great color.



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