Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leaf Blowers

I never have liked leaf blowers.
The whole thing strikes me as an inappropriate use of technology. Just because we can do something, that does not mean that we have to.
The noise caused by a rake slapping the driveway is annoying, but it is not nearly as loud as those infernal blowers are.
Many a sunday afternoon nap has been ruined by leaf blowers. And, it contributes to our problem with illegal immigration.
The one time I did see a leaf blower appropriately used was a few years ago. I was riding my bike in the parking lot of Plaza Fiesta, when the Mexican Circus was in town. A man was using a leaf blower to clean an elephant.
What happened today was the icing on the cake, the scum on the sewage, or the last straw. I left the windows open on a truck in back of the building today. Somebody decided to blow the pinestraw into neat piles on the side of the parking lot, and proceeded to deposit this material in the cab of my truck.
Controlling pine straw at this time of year is a losing battle. When you rake/blow the straw off a surface, the trees will go into the endless supply, and cover your driveway with another layer. Think of Laurel and Hardy delivering a piano.
At least with a rake you get some quiet exercise.


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