Saturday, October 13, 2007

Social Disease

10/13/2007 9:51:12 AM
Why do people hate on Friday the thirteenth so much, when Saturday the thirteenth is just as evil?
Waking up with no where to go, I decided to update the blogroll. This is a long overdue chore...long overdue, and requires no creative juices, just the ability to highlight, copy, highlight, paste, backspace, and on to the next.
The background for this exercise is "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Sir Elton. The love is still bleeding in his hands. Bless his heart.
9:59:28 AM "Bennie and the Jets" If only Elton had continued down that road.
The blogosphere is not fair. Some can talk about a tummy ache and get a hundred comments. I am doing good to get one a month.
Still, I decide to give Recovering Baptist a spot on the roll, because he left a comment here. I was raised in that nasty cult, and remain scarred by it.
10:08:53 AM "Cried for the darkness to come down on me"
It is time for the of the blogroll. ( And I struggle so to keep profanity out of this blog)
The first step is to dump the obsolete entries. America Blog, Anti War, and the Blue Heron nature preserve don't make the cut. I consider dumping Church of the Subgenius, but I am too slack to do so. Digital Blasphemy and the Hillbilly Atheist go bye bye, but the Farsi laden home of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remains, as does Overheard in New York.
No I am not going to splice links in this thing. That is what the blogroll is for.
While Elton talks about Jamaica, I find a section of Jesus Worship blogs. Purgatorio is regrettably shut down, do it gets the boot. Even though I am banned from commenting at PyroPooPoo, I am going to be forgiving and list it. I will even list Pyromite Centuri0n, who at least occasionally answers my emails.
10:19:35 AM I have seen this movie too. I even have the soundtrack cd.
I am including the site for my cousins B&B in Wilmington, and another cousin's antiwar site. I hope the servers can handle the traffic. To make room, Wonkette and Undo Jesus are going to be ex'd. What would Jesus Undo?
There is no chore that cannot be made more complicated by writing about it.
10:33:26 AM "tell the world, you're a dirty little girl"


Blogger BugBlaster said...

So all I have to do is comment in order to get linked? Excellent. And I'm a Jesus worshipper, so I do fit your motif.

4:17 PM  

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