Thursday, September 20, 2007

six oclock news

It started out as a beautiful late summer day, but by 5:45 I was over it. This is normal, and being tired from a job is better than well rested unemployment. Still, I was ready to be home.
The traffic backed up at a key part of my ride, and I took another route the rest of the way. All in all, not the best mood, but not the worst either.
Getting home from work is the worst time of day for confrontations. I am tired, hungry, and more than a little bit crazy. I get in the house, leave the lunch dishes in the kitchen, go turn on the computer, and come back to fix a sandwich.
My brother is watching the news in the room next to the kitchen. As I pull two slices of bread out of the sack, the report on the idiot box has a familiar turn. Something about the church where he was once an alter boy. But today, it was the scene of a tribute to his too short life.
It gets worse. I don't remember the exact words, but it was a report from a soldier's funeral in Carroll County. And it got worse and worse.
Finally, I snap. I hope you are enjoying that poison. Another brave man has died in that useless war
There is plenty of anger to go around.
My brother is watching the noise while I am fixing dinner.
The TV station is exploiting the grief of the soldier's family to sell advertising.
But most of all, I am boiling mad at THAT STINKING COCAINE ADDICT IN THE WHITE HOUSE


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