Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The F list

It seems as though the Maliki government in Iraq is showing a bit of independence from its Yankee benefactors.
They have "revoked the license" of a firm called Blackwater. Didn't the Doobie Brothers have a song about them once?
Now, the use of private security firms/mercenaries in Iraq is rather controversial on a number of levels. There is the matter of these forces being more expensive to operate than "government" military. There is the widely held belief that they are above the law, and can do all sorts of nasty stuff that the "standard" military cannot do. (This is a semantic quandary here. What do you call traditional, government based military to distinguish it from mercenaries?) The people in Iraq don't seem to care for them, but they don't count.
There is an emotional tie to our troops here, and supporting the troops is seen as being a good thing. Does this extend to well paid contractors?
The whole thing raises some interesting issues. Does the Iraqi government have the right to tell its occupiers how to run their country? Will this prove the Maliki government to be mere puppets, as many have suspected? And if they succeed in kicking out blackwater...an unlikely prospect, but let’s say they do...can they get us to leave merely by asking?

One thing about Kathy Griffin at the Emmy awards, she did not kill any civilians, terrorists, or Jesus.
She did make a tasteless remark about Mary's problem child. Before she made the comment ( which rhymes with Bucket, and is not a city in Thailand), there was this gem, which qualifies for inclusion in this clean language blog..."A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."
The catholic league was not pleased. On the page linked here, there is a link to a page about Pope Pius xii. You remember him, he was Pope during World War II. Hitler wondered how many divisions he had.
But back to Kathy Griffin. While her comment that "This award is my G-d now" is a bit of tmi, the rest of her comments were much less offensive. Those who would drag the name of Jesus into a tacky awards show are the blasphemers.
Many of us could not care less what Jeeziepoo had to do with someone getting an award.
Jesus offends many of us, and we came by this opinion honestly. And yet, with all the bumper stickers, t shirts, chrome fish, and award show speeches, we have Jboi shoved in the face constantly.
There is also the matter of the third commandment, but my lunch hour is almost over.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
malliki- malice
emmy- emma, em, emmett, amy, omni
Pius- pus, pious, pies, pigs, pins, pips, pits
Jboi- job, boi

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