Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas Y'all

One of the things I enjoy about Christmas is the music. There is something for just about everyone, with the possible exception of Industrial Noise.
There are songs for Jesus Fans. There are songs about Santa Claus. There is the winter weather, the jingle bells, and those pesky reindeer. And if the lyrics get too religious, it is easy to ingnore in the season of good cheer.
Between now and the big day, there is a new MP3 going up just about every day at Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Some of the favorites include:
"Merry Christmas from the Family” It starts "Mama got drunk and daddy got drunk at the Christmas party".
" Put some loot in the boot Santa " Mae West is gone but not forgotten.
"Silent Night/xmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis" There is only one Tom Waits.
"Christmas in Jail" "Santa Claus don’t go to the ghetto" " Bill O'Reilly shops at K mart""Back Door Santa"

A word to the wise. BRCM only leaves the MP3s up for seven days. If you think you will get it tomorrow then you might forget. Go now, right click, and save target as.
One went up Monday called "Faith in Santa". It is the story of Santa and the poor boy that only wanted to go be with Jesus. You will have to listen for yourself to see how it turned out.


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