Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too Slick

Sometime this thing just writes itself. Go to the internet, look for a few minutes, and something amazing hits you in the face. Like the other day when I saw the Southern Company saying
” The southeastern United States has abundant rainfall and waterways to supply water for power plants.”
The controversy du jour is Mike Huckabee and his question about Mormonism. He asked someone if Mormons believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan. In the headline department today, it is either this or a report about baseball players using steroids.
As some of you know, I spent seven years working closely with a professional Jesus Worshipper. Maybe I broke a mirror. More than once, He told me,
“You are the devil”.
I don’t think I am the devil, but I could be wrong. One thing though…Jesus is not my brother.
Back to Mormonism.
Is it a cult? Is it a religion? Is it a faith? Is it a mess? Who Knows?
Yes, this thing sometimes writes itself, but the editing is not automatic.
Now, I feel like I know enough about Mormonism. While I admire their clean living and family values, they do seem a bit weird. When I heard about computerized baptism by proxy of long dead relative’s…good grief. As a recovering Baptist, I know weird when I see it.
But do they really think Jesus and Satan were siblings?
Did they have a sister?

There is a website called “Romney Experience”. The second line is “ Explaining Mitt and Mormonism to an Underinformed World”. Underinformed? That doesn’t sound like a compliment.
They don’t make themselves look good either.

“But let’s get down to the truth of the matter: Do Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers? You can answer that with another question: Do evangelicals believe that Mike Huckabee and Hitler are brothers? (say it with an ominous tone preferably with dark strings playing in the background). “

Some people are just too slick for their own good. And their candidate is Mitt Romney.

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