Friday, January 04, 2008

Fair Tax Follies

NON1-and Hillary came in 3rd
JWD-that was suprising to me
LITE-yeah. .i was surprised how well mr. edwards did
NON1-Im gonna go with Huckabee, he supports the fair tax
LITE-never trust a baPtist minister with anything. .
LITE-unless they are black
PTO--i am going to go with the one who lies the most upfront, at least that way you'll know what
LITE-oh then Gulianai is your man
TND--Downy, do you like ANYONE who's running?
NON1-Im gonna go with anyone that supports the Fair tax
TND--good luck with that.
NON1-Abolish the IRS
PTO--how much can they tax a fair? you don't make much with those games of chance and selling funnel cakes PTO--or so this one carnie told me
NON1-Have you read john linders book OTP?
PG--its like the flat tax, why should we tax women with small breasts

PTO--i am too pretty to read
NON1-its nothing like the flat tax
PTO--lol, piers
PG--i don't believe anything neil boortz says, and i dont think he really believes in the fair tax
NON1-piers its not his book, or purposel, its John Linders
PG--neeyull has hitched his wagon to the star of the fair tax
PG--john linder is a f---wad
NON1-and what dont you like about it Piers????????
PG--i am nuetral on the fair tax, i just dont trust neil boortz
NON1-thats not what I asked?
JWD-well there are other involvend in it besides boortz
NON1-just because he supports it, does not make it wrong
JWD-right down
PG--i wrote a thing about this at my blog, and i am going to find the link
NON1-its a tax based on what you spend not what you make
PG-- have expressed myself, and dont feel like typing all that again
NON1-and I dont feel like reading your blog, as I really think you are miss informed
JWD-just think no income tax forms to do
PG--well, my observations are there...the fair tax is like communism, a great idea in theory,but i have issues about the
JWD-well if we had the fair tax he could keep it all
NON1-you make no sense, whats not to like????????
PG--the more i hear about the f tax the more suspicious i am
JWD-why ?
JWD-causr it will hurt the POOR
NON1-read the f---ing book, before you say that, Ithink your dislike of Bortz is what reflects in your opinion
PG--read my f---ing blog, it has better pictures
TND--does this have to be the topic of conversation every night??????
JWD-no income tax, no SS tax, what wrong with that
JWD- how is it communisitc
NON1-if you spend 25,000 a year you pay 23%, if you spend 1.000.000 a year you pay 23%
NON1-I doubt that 10 % of the people in this room even have a clue about
what is stated in the fairtax
JWD-it would not eliminate property tax



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