Sunday, December 16, 2007

spelling mistakes

JWD-whats the blog of the day , PG
PG-i dont know yet JWD....i may expound on a question i asked the other mormonism a cult, religiion, faith or mess

JWD-depnds on which corner you are in, PG
JWD-whats the difference between faith and religion, according to you
PG-i think people are saying faith for what they used to call religion, and i dont think it is a good move

JJW-I heard that fath is beleaving with out reservation
JWD-to me faith is embedded in all religions
PG-faith is an intangible like trust and respect, and should be used for one on one situations, be it G-d and man or man and
man....religion is a system of beliefs, and the infrastructure built around it
JWD- anglican here but we define ias a religion no a faith
PG-you could just as well say a mans trust as a mans faith
DL-I believe the sun shall rise again. .
JWD-then what does one call an athiest ?
PG-most jesus worshippers see spiritual discipline in christian terms, when often that model does not apply
JWD- true if you dont ascribe to that model
JWD-<<< happen to be a , as you say a Jesus worshipper
PG-not all religions have a book that they call the word of G-d, and not all religions are obsessed with life after death
JWD-what your problem with spelling out God ??/
PG-that is an orthodox Jewish thing which i like....i suppose it is a bit of an affectation, but I like to do it
JWD- i know about that, or he who has no name
PG-i have a great respect for the third commandment, about the improper use of sacred names.....many christians wear out
that commandment
JWD-, my typing is the pitstoday
PG-this dialog may be recycled as a blog post, btw
JWD-you mean i may be on the net, wow
JWD-just correct my spelling ,lol
PG-you already are, you are a star.....i like to list spell check suggestions, some of which are very poetic
PG-I just write stuff to put between the pictures
JWD-and with that time to get ready fo a neighborhood CHRISTMAS gathering, and not a holiday gathering
PG-sunday is too nice a day to worry about religion
JWD-well if it werent for religion you wouldnt have it
PG-i think a secular christmas is a good idea...if jesus worshippers want to talk about their boi, that is cool, if you just want to shop and eat then that is fine too

PG-the problem is when the jesus worshippers want to have it all about jesus, which i have never known it to be

JWD-secular - Christmas is an oxymoron
JWD-without Christmas there wouldnt be any of this
PG-yea, but those of who that are hated by jesus need to enjoy the holiday as well
JWD-why ?
JWD-its not their holiday
PG-the birth of jesus is nothing for me to celebrate, jesus hates me...but i still enjoy the holiday
KLK-jesus does not ghate ANYBODY
JWD-right KLK
PG-jesus hates me, i see it in the words and deeds of his believers
JWD- well sorry you feel that way PG
PG-it is the truth
JWD-if you want to believe that
KLK-believersd are just sinners forgiven but stillsinners
PG-i dont want to, but the evidence i see tells me that it is the truth
JWD- I am gay and christain, and i sure dont feel that way
JWD-nor does my religion preach that
PG-if you can get something worthwhile out of jesus then you are welcome to it, but my experience with jesus has been
JWD-were you raised Baptist, PG ?
PG-oh yea
JWD-though so
JWD- so was i.
PG-it is the 36 years since i left the baptist church that taught me that jesus hates me
JWD-been there too PG, escaped from their clutches in college
PG-the pastor at my childhood church was widely rumored to be gay
PG-he greased his hair and shouted a lot
JWD-mabye he needed something else greased

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