Sunday, December 23, 2007

297 Pasadena

This image is called 297 Pasadena. The number is from a list of pictures, and means there are 196 other pictures in the "gallery" .The 100 series of numbers is used for my "alternative gallery". It has 29 images, for a total of 226.
This has nothing to do with speeding old ladies, or California. The name just popped into my head when I made a folder to put the photos in. Geometric Op Art is tough to name.
The first pic in this post is the original image. The rest are explorations.
I decided to do the geometric image a few weeks ago because I thought it would be easy. First I had to redraw the design. Then I built the model, and made dozens of changes to it.Build the final product, and wait for a sunny day to take the photos. A project is always 2.4 times as much work as you think it will be.


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