Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jerseys for the Fan

It all started with a visit to Godisnotanasshole. There was a story posted there about how Jesus used cannabis products in oils used for anointing.
While I was looking at that story, I saw a sidebar.There was a about a story with this headline "Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist". In that story , there was a comment from Paul Bremer, the leader of the US occupation of Iraq after the initial invasion....."we really didn't see the insurgency coming,"
I went to technorati, to look for articles about Paul Bremer. I found this. It turns out he was promoting a book when he made that comment. As one blogger noted, don't they have laws about criminals writing books to profit from their crimes?
While I was looking for Paul Brewer, I saw a listing for Marcus Vick.
At the top of the page ,of links for posts about the disgraced Marcus Vick, was a sponsored link...
"Michael Vick Jerseys
Michael Vick Falcons jerseys and other great Falcons products for the fan"
And people think I make this up.


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