Wednesday, January 04, 2006

spell check

Spell check is a wonderful feature. When you misspell a word, you look stupid. It takes away from the message you are trying to present, by focusing attention on your spelling mistakes. (“Profanity” serves the same function, but that is a topic for another day.) It is like the old ad slogan:
"Aren’t you glad you use Dial soap, don’t you wish everyone did?"
I began to notice some of the suggested spellings. Some of these are not noticeable, but some are, well, poetic. It is what I would call a synchronistic connection. Often, the suggested spelling is truer than the real word.
An example of this is inerrant. For those of you fortunate enough not to be babtist, inerrancy is the belief that the bible is perfect. There are no errors, it is inerrant. The spell check suggestion for inerrant is ignorant.
So I started to save my spell check suggestions, with the idea of posting them to my blog (blob). Well, I have enough now to produce my first installment.
I have also produced a best-of list. My goal at first was a top ten list, but I found 13 that I wanted to include, and you don’t have to put a bakers dozen in order. I will present them in alphabetical order.

elvis...Elvis levies elves pelvis envies olives selves elsie
i ching....chink
inerrant...inert ignorant
jesus...Jesus Jesse jests guess gases gooses guesses
gaseous disuse disease
Saddam...sadism sadden sadder sad sadie sodium sodom

Here is the unedited list. When I get more I will post them, unless that is illegal by then.

batman...batsman, badman, bagman, barman, boatman, boatmen, batten, baton, batsmen,
boatsmen, bitmap, bitumen, badmen, bagmen, barmen
blogging....blooding, blooming, blotting, blowing
blogs...blobs,blocs, blots, blows, bloods, blooms, bolls, bags, bolos, bolas,
boles bolus, bolds, bolts, logs,clogs, flogs,
Cheney...teeny, cheyenne
chou--- chuo cho chow chuuo chichofo chop thou chouse choir choke chore chase chori choose
christian....Christian, Christina, christen, Christine, christie, tearstain
citgo....cite cit. city cottage co she shi
conoco...conic conch cognac
cookoff-- cookout, cook, cookie, cooked, cooker, cooks, kickoff
doo-----do du dew dough doe dou doom door de dod doro doc dog don dos dot dow
elvis...Elvis levies elves Ellis pelvis envies olives velves selves elise elsie Eloisa Eloise
Faerie...faeroe fare fair fairy fairer faired
google... goggle googol goth goat
grady...grade gray gravy grabby grammy granny grassy grad grads
hiv...HIV iv hi hive hie hid hop him hip his hit div
hiway...hawaii helwa howa
i ching....change chin china chine chino chink chins ting tinge shinju cling
inerrant...inert ignorant
jesus...Jesus Jesse jests Jesus' Jesults jest jesuit guess gases gassess gooses guesses gauss gaseous gessoes disuse gesso disease
korean...Korean Koran Korea Koreas chorine Karen careen corn quern corona Corinne doreen Noreen Loren choral
Latino...Latin, lateen latinos latent latrine lattice litany lotions litton lain
laity lamina
LOL...loll Lola lolls loa lou lob lot low lox Lon Los menus means men's mend menu mess megs mews
mylar....molar myles
pervs...proviso peer's press preps preys preens per's perks perms perts proves
psudo...spud pseudo
ramadi---armada, ramada, rammed
Saddam...sadism, sadden, sadder, sad, sadie,sodium sodom
satan...satin, sateen, sata, saran, stan, stain, saturn, satanic, sat, sate, sating,
satins, satiny, sated, sates, sat., SATs, seat, seats
satanism...satanist, satins, stalinsim, stains, sternums,
taliban- talibone
tanuki...tank tannic
thats...thetas that's thais thaws that tats teats
tmi--- tim Mt
todays....toadies toddies today's today toads toady's toads toady
x-tian...Tina tan tin Ian titan
When I first posted this piece, I noticed a glitch that I wanted to correct. After I fixed that problem, I saw a spelling mistake that somehow got through the spell check. I spelled "ignorant" ignortant. I rest my case.


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