Thursday, September 14, 2006

headache remedy

HeadacheRemedy. When I got home today, I had a nasty headache. It had been brewing all day, and when I had to turn in a rent a car...and then go put gas in in, because the insurance wouldn't pay for the additional only got worse.
The best cure for a headache is exercise. Go out, get the blood pumping through your skull, and the bad chemicals just might go away.
Wonderful Bridge. As I approached the wonderful bridge, I saw that the sun was about to set. I went up on the crest of the structure, above the railroad tracks and an approaching marta train. The train missed me, which may be why I am here to write this. It is amazing what being 100 feet above a speeding train can do for your safety.
Why do I call this the wonderful bridge? The bridge goes over the railroad/marta lines, from the former end of Clairmont road to Peachtree industrial. There is a waffle house at the corner, so we can give directions.

BacktoWonderfullness. Before this bridge was built, to get from Clairmont (a major thoroughfare that goes to the courthouse in Decatur and has an exit on I 85) to Peachtree Industrial (an extension of the same Peachtree that goes to buckhead and downtown).... Well, you had to take a left onto New Peachtree Road, go over a rickety bridge made of telephone poles, take a left on Peachtree Road, and cut through the parking lot of the Krystal across from the Frito plant. The bridge is much easier, and is, wonderful. The Krystal is now the Paradise Café, and the Frito Plant is now a Lowes. Not all change is progress.
Yes, a lot of streets in Atlanta are named Peachtree. The odd thing is, peaches don't like to grow north of the fall line, which makes them a South Georgia thing. (Or South Carolina, which grows more peaches than Georgia)
One time, Dagwood Bumstead asked his wife Blondie why peaches have fuzz. She replied, If they had arms they could shave.
The spell check suggestion for Bumstead was Busted. There was no suggestion for Dagwood. While I don’t rule out the possibility of this great American being busted, I rather doubt it. Unless Mr. Dithers caught him taking a nap on company time.
When I started this commentary, I had no clue that it would lead to Dagwood Bumstead. And, until I went looking for pictures to illustrate this, that the middle name of the infamous Julius Dithers was Caesar. Also, this feature, well known for sandwiches, was awarded a “rueben” in 1948. It was named after Rube Goldberg, who was ahead of my time.


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