Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Luckynumber I am the person who left the angry messages regarding your postcard mailing.
You caught me at a bad time. I had just returned from work, I was tired and hungry, I was not feeling well.
You do not know my history with jesus. To you, I am "resident". You do not know of the many, many times I have been shouted down and humiliated because of jesus. In the name of jesus. In total violation of the first and third commandments.
The first commandment says to hold no other god before you. This does not include the so called son of god, nor a book compiled by the council of nicea.
The third commandment says to have respect for the name of god. What you have done is shove your ideas about jesus down my throat without taking the time to gain my trust or goodwill. This creates ill will for god and, especially, for jesus. This is a violation of the third commandment.
In a perfect world, I would never hear the word jesus again. When I hear the word jesus, I think of something a professional jesus worshipper said to me out of anger. " You should thank god for jesus, because if it wasn't for jesus I would have hurt you". I had said something the professional jesus worshipper did not like. He was wrong. Jesus hurts. Bad. The pain I feel because of selfish, hateful jesus worshippers will not go away.
You say that was not jesus? I disagree. The best way to know a god is through his believers. And what I have seen of jesus through his loud, vulgar believers is ugly.

fossilfuelabuse I drive by your facility every day on my way to work. I often have to wait on the gas guzzling S.U.V.'s to make the left turn into your parking lot.
Every day, I have jesus shoved down my throat. Bumper stickers, clever message boards, whining radio voices....the list goes on and on. None of these people know the pain that jesus has caused in my life. None of them has bothered to get to know me before they spread their putrid message. Every one is a violation of the third commandment.
Every one of these unwanted messages hurts me. You were the lucky one who got a tiny percentage of my rage directed back at you.
You are probably thinking of a clever comeback involving life after death. Jesus worshippers think their ideas about life after death justify their verbal abuse.
Just for the record, jesus was killed by the roman soldiers because he was a troublemaker. His murder has NOTHING to do with life after death.

PRfailure Maybe if jesus had been better at getting along with people, he could have spread his teaching further. But then, you couldn't have so much fun talking about his gruesome death.
Why not just put faith in god to take care of you after you die?
I recently posted a few thoughts about christmas...the pagan holiday stolen by the catholic church. They are here.I plan to post this letter as an open letter, at the same address. I have written extensively at this site about my
miserable experience with jesus. This post is closely related to today's message.
In conclusion, I would like you to take "resident" off your mailing list. The address is xxx yyyyyyyyy zz, Atlanta Ga abcde.
I think it would be a very good idea to not send out anonymous postcards in the future. If you want to tell someone about jesus or your church, take the time to gain their trust before you do so.
Cam Mckinnon

The postcard is an obvious take off on the "got milk" ads. Not only is the postcard corny and expensively produced, it is a take off on a gross ad campaign. Who wants to look at a celebrity who needs to wipe his mouth?


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