Sunday, January 14, 2007


Turnthepage Yet another pivotal post. After laboriously backing up 150 posts last night, it is time to go with blogger 2.The change has so far been fairly painless, but I haven't made the first post yet.

Princeathalftime The playoffs are over for this week, and not a minute too soon. I know the litany of the cholestoral meds by heart...not for people with a liver problem, or for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. I am also going to skip the Sixty Minutes interview with George W. Bush. It may cause liver problems.

Of the four teams standing at this point, it is tough to pick an obvious winner. Indy didn't get a touchdown, and has a history of impressive regular seasons followed by playoff fizzes. They are the Atlanta Braves of the NFL.
The Colts will be playing the Patriots. Logic says the Pats should be watching on TV, but they just whipped San Diego. The Chargers are another hot regular season bunch that doesn't get it in January.
In NFC, the Saints will play the Bears. Maybe we need to dump half of Lake Michigan on the ghettos of Chicago and see how they perform. I gotta like the Saints, if only because they are Southern, which Indiana, Illinois, and Massachusetts are not.

PG:: good evening
404:: I am protected by Chattage BotShield. Please answer the following question: "What is the last
word of this sentence?"
PG:: sentence
404:: Your answer has been accepted by Chattage BotShield.
404:: hiya
PG:: what is going on
404:: not much
PG:: the weekend has gone by so fast
404:: its not over yet
404:: tomorrow is a holiday
PG:: yea, but i work for a private company, so it is just another day
404:: oh sad
PG:: its ok, i just have to have my fun tonight
404:: how is chambodia these days
PG:: mcmansions everywhere
404:: really?
PG:: yea...this part anyway....they are tearing down and building up ...and up...and up
404:: how odd
PG:: not really...this is close to a lot of things
PG:: plus, there are a lot of tacky little houses built on valuable land
404:: wow
PG:: what part of town are you in
404:: midtown
PG:: much the same thing is happening there, except there it is ugly businesses replaced by condo towers


Blogger MTR said...

Thanks a lot for the kind words... I only ask that you don't let people like the Pyros let your view of Christians to be skewed.

There are angry people in all groups, I suppose.

I left another comment that seems to have been lost.

12:02 PM  

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