Saturday, May 12, 2007


It all started when a girl went to a back room with a former boyfriend. Her current bf stormed out of the house party, and flipped his car when it off the road. Being a star quarterback did not prevent the fatal consequences of this act.
The local radio whiner had a few things to say. Since alcohol was a suspected factor, the question became, "how do we teach teenagers to drink responsibly?"
Now, I am a retired drunk, and have a few opinions on this issue. My wandering mind settled on a related subject...Jesus. To me, Jesus and Alcohol are similar. Both are legal, both have potential for good and ill, and neither works for me. As I avoided speeding gas guzzlers, the thought occurred " How do we teach Teenagers to Worship Jesus Responsibly?" Now, this may be the first time those two concepts have been paired like that...Jesus and Responsibility...but it should not be the last.
A central concept in the world of Jesus Worship is the avoidance of responsibility…”Jesus paid the price for my sins on the cross”. This is not the path I will explore today.
No, today's seminar is about the Worshipping Responsibly. It is about having respect for your neighbors who do not agree with you, and do not want to hear about your "salvation". It is about not creating ill will for Jesus with obnoxious behavior in his name. It is about not dragging Jesus into your personal quarrels, using his name in anger to hurt your neighbor.
It is about Responsibility. Your actions have consequences, and just because you are doing it for Jesus does not eliminate that reality.
There are two big reasons why I am not a Jesus Worshipper. The first one is, I simply don’t agree with the teachings. The Bible is not the word of G-d, Jesus was killed because he was a troublemaker, and The death and reputed resurrection of Jesus has nothing to do with what happens to me after I die.
The Second reason for my allergic reaction to Jesus is the verbal abuse and hateful behavior of Jesus Worshippers. This prevents me from having a cosmetic, social oriented membership in a church, because I cannot pretend to worship a spirit who has caused me such misery.
Responsibility is not valued in the Jesus Worship community. Respect for non believers is seen as a sign of weakness. And, while not all Jesus Worshippers are fanatics, many admire and support the loudmouths who give their faith a bad name.


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