Monday, August 06, 2007

PDB, Squeal, and Newtie

The effort to follow is a part of a Bin Laden/PDB blogswarm, organized(?) by The Blue Gal.
On this day in 2001, President George "Rookie" Bush was given a report (PDB, or Presidential Daily Briefing) stating that Al Queda was planning an attack on the USA. Whether through negligence, stupidity, or willingness to let others do the dirty work, the report did not prevent 911.
August 6 has another meaning. On this day in 1945, Hiroshima was nuked. There is a synchronicity here. This bombing was the culmination of our role in World War II. Amerika's entry into this struggle was assured by Pearl Harbor, which our leaders may or may not have known about. And 911 is the Pearl Harbor of the modern age, with just as much speculation as to how much our leaders knew. (Or wanted to know).
This morning, that fun lover Newt Gingrich was on the Squeal (Neal Boortz) show. Squeal asked him about a comment he made, where Newt said the War on Terror was a phony war.
Newt began by trashing the fishwrapper, which was responsible for the quote. Then he explained what he said, and to my surprise I agreed with him. He compared out response to Islamic terror to England in the early stages of World War II, before Churchill came in the shake things up.
Now, I think a better phrase for the present war on terror is inappropriate. After all, lots of people have died, lots of money has been spent, our armed forces have been worn thin...this is not a phony war. However, by directing this effort against Iraq, we have not spent wisely. If we are to fight this threat with an invasion... a highly debatable notion...then Iraq is not the proper place to do so.
I compare our fighting terror by invading Iraq to France in the run up to World War II. Mighty France built the Maginot Line, a structure the Germans merely drove around.
After I heard Newtie and Squeal, I was at a stop light by The Big Chicken. I asked G-d, "What do you think of Newt Gingrich?"
The Big Chicken rolled her eyes. The beak opened and shut.
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