Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After 400+ posts, it is time to move on.
Google has been shutting me out of access to my account on my home computer.
I have written emails, filled out forms, and talked to several tech reps from my ISP.
While I enjoy the ease of use here, that does not do much good if you cannot get into your account.
Blogger is not the only game in town.
Last night I made my first post here.
Wordpress has a few quirks that I need to get used to. I also want to experiment at a couple of other venues.
It has been fun, at there is time for a comeback. But I have to see what else is available.

Monday, February 11, 2008

82 Percent


I do so much enjoy internet tests.
This one is easy to figure out. Being a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, I know that Absinthe is made of wormwood. It doesn't take too much shmartz to figure that jagermeister means master hunter. And so it goes.
The test says I am
82% alcoholic, lush.

I took my last drink December 31, 1988.
ht to mingaling . I hope this test is not a requirment for being in APWBWGTTD.

This is a shock. I am able to get into blogger.
For the last 19 days, I have not been able to log onto blogspot. I have spent hours on the phone with tech reps, sent numerous messages to blogger, and been very unpleased. I don't know if what I did tonight was a fluke, but I will try it again later.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stupor Tuesday

Stupor Tuesday is here.
With the Electoral College all but certain to give Georgia's votes to a Repub, Mardi Gras is the only chance to vote I will get this year.
I don't have to make up my mind until I step in the building, but I will probably hold my nose. The voting is in the cafetorium of my grammar school. It will not be the first time I hold my nose in there.
On Sunday, I had a chat with a Ron Paul guy. I asked if Dr. P was a white supremacist, and the RPG said no. He did say that there were a lot of scary looking black guys in Washington DC.
So, who to vote for?
Hillary Rodham and Mitt Romney are too gross for words.
Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul have statement value. Neither has a prayer to win, but you can make a statement with either one. Of course, neither is one that I care to support.
Which leaves us with John McCain and Barack Obama. When I hear Rush Limbaugh call McCain a liberal, it puts a smile on my face.
When I hear Obama orate with his silver tongue, it makes me wonder what was so bad about Hillary anyway.
It would be good to know who the Vice Presidential choices would be. This is important for an old geezer like McCain, or a cigarette smoking "former" cocaine user like Obama.
And isn't one former coke freak in the White House too many?
No one has a clue about the War in Babylon. I find Obama's opposition encouraging. I find McCain's kill them all clueless ness to be discouraging.
While Obama is a dynamic presence, I keep wondering who is pulling the strings on that puppet. The Ron Paul Guy says that Obama gets lots of special interest money, and I have no reason to doubt him.
I still have a couple of hours to think, before the showdown in the cafetorium. For now, it looks like Obama, but if Huckabee comes through with that fried squirrel I may have to rethink.