Thursday, December 27, 2007

arthroscopy chronicles

There has been some talk about the ultra personal blogging, TMI, and people who share too much. This is one of those posts. You have been warned.

The focus of the camera's stare today is my right knee. I like to walk and bike, so this joint gets a lot of use. I can thank an orthopedic surgeon that it works today.
One drunken afternoon in 1987, I found myself on the wrong side of a creek. I jumped across, and marveled at the way my duck shoes felt as they sunk into the sandbar. Look, there’s a bluff over there, just a couple of feet higher. Naw, you aren't afraid of that, go for it. Oh no, the sand is a bit looser here, that bluff was a bit higher than I thought, gee my knee sure does hurt.
It got better, and I hobbled through the next couple of months. Then one night, I was cleaning out a tight corner of my apartment, and this hot butterscotch flowed through my knee. I couldn't put any weight on it. A pair of crutches was procured, and the emergency room gave me some pain pills. Finally the appointment was made, the tests run, the follow up appointment, the second opinion, all in addition to much angst and concern. Finally, on June 1, 1988, I was driven to the outpatient center. The nurse marked a big NO on my left knee, and I was given some gas and told to count to ten. When I woke up my knee was fixed.
Arthroscopy is a great thing. I have heard the horror stories about old fashioned knee surgery, and seen Joe Namath try to walk at a public appearance. I am grateful for modern times.
I don't aggressively jump across creeks.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Five Best Blogs Today

A certain local blogger (who sometimes does not like my comments) is doing a Year in Review. He is covering last May. During this month, there was a cover story at Creative Loafing about the Five Best Blogs in Atlanta.
Andisheh Nouraee wrote the story. He writes a dandy piece each week about the War in Babylon. When I get near a distribution point I get a copy...actually two copies; I put one in the breakroom at work. Marietta still needs a bit of help.
Mr. Nouraee was not totally complimentary about the local blogosphere. All this proves is that he is paying attention. There is a lot of refuse out there, and a lot of it is really out there. Some were offended that this was said out loud. Not to worry, Mr. Nouraee went back to telling us about how the surge is working.
When I saw this mentioned a few minutes ago, I had an idea for a fast and easy post. Why not go back to the Five best blogs and see how they are doing?

Peach pundit
Last post.... 12-24-07
This blog seems to be rockin'. I had a link to it in my favorites for some reason or another, so it must be doing something right. While Georgia politics is a murky subject at best, it does have its fans. I am not one, although it does have a certain morbid curiosity.

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame
Last post 12-24-07
This is another one that has not slowed down. When I stopped in there was a video of some bread thingies in a French Bakery. They resembled male genitalia.
This blog needs to be seen on full screen or you miss a lot of the words. This is annoying to those of us who do not like full screen.

Peachtree Screed
"the page cannot be found"
I think I heard something about Mr. Monroe getting a real job up north. While this is the opposite of the normal flow of yankees to the tolerant south, it is a loss.
I read Mr. Monroe when he was at Creative Loafing, but never did get around to his blog.

I saw it on Ponce
Last post 10-29-07
I don't know what happened here. There is a wealth of material on that wretched thoroughfare, but whoever does this seems to have better things to do.

Cable and Tweed
Last post 12-21-07
C&T is a regular at AtlBloggers, so I see its output. Didn't I hear somewhere they were based in Athens? Not that it really matters, since the Classic City is essentially a suburb of Atlanta.
My problem with music blogs is yours truly. I am 53yo and have not been hip since Jimmy Carter was President. I truly appreciate people who are fighting the good fight and keeping rock alive...yea, even flourishing...but I am well into the third act of my life, and see so much that I don't know about.

So there you have it sports fans. One has been shut down, one is on hiatus, and three are rolling along. None of these are on my daily visit routine, but that isn't too shocking...out of about a quadrillion blogs, I go to about a dozen regularly. There is always next year.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Nouraee- nauru, neural
Brame- barnm ,brume, brim, brace, brake, brave
thingies- things, thongs
genatalia- genitalia, gentile
yankees- yanks, yanked, Yonkers, hankies, banks, ranks, hanks,tanks
Ponce- Poncho, pounce, pone, ponte, paunch
Geritol- genital, grit

Sunday, December 23, 2007

297 Pasadena

This image is called 297 Pasadena. The number is from a list of pictures, and means there are 196 other pictures in the "gallery" .The 100 series of numbers is used for my "alternative gallery". It has 29 images, for a total of 226.
This has nothing to do with speeding old ladies, or California. The name just popped into my head when I made a folder to put the photos in. Geometric Op Art is tough to name.
The first pic in this post is the original image. The rest are explorations.
I decided to do the geometric image a few weeks ago because I thought it would be easy. First I had to redraw the design. Then I built the model, and made dozens of changes to it.Build the final product, and wait for a sunny day to take the photos. A project is always 2.4 times as much work as you think it will be.

Friday, December 21, 2007

philosophy of 2girls1cup

One of the reaction videos got me thinking. Is there a deeper message embedded in the action of "2girls1cup"?
Before we get started, it is disclaimer time.

I am not suggesting that you watch this. If you are sensitive, have a heart condition, or have just eaten(like, in the last month), you may want to look at something else. It is gross, disgusting, and without redeeming social value. It is not safe for work, and has great danger for play.

I rather doubt this message was the intention of the creators of this epic. They just wanted to make a bit of cheesy scat porn. And sell a few ringtones. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
Of course, just because the creators of a work don't intend for it to be a myth, that doesn't stop the determined believer. I rather doubt that the Council of Nicea intended their church canon to be taken as the inerrant Word of G-d. The texts in that canon were often telling allegorical stories. These were not to be taken as literal truth.
Is there a deeper truth inherent in this tawdry vignette of snacking sisters? Maybe.

The cup is the Christ figure in this saga. The deposit in the cup represents the sin of mankind, forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus took the sins of man on his shoulders, and paid the price for these sins, just as the cup received the product of a young ladies digesto-elimination system.
The only trouble is, the girls then ate the forbidden flop. This compares to the way the church of Jesus Worship recycles sin. The poisonous anger and rudeness that Jesus paid for on the cross are fed back to the eager believers every Sunday.
As a response to this excremental dessert, the actress hurled onto the breast of her willing partner. This stands in for the verbal abuse that is showered on worshippers in houses of G-d every Sunday. The professional Jesus Worshippers are partaking of the same poison output as the flock, and when it comes heaving out of their guts, they project this vile output on the offering givers in the form of hellfire and brimstone sermons. And the worshippers think they are going to heaven as a result.
Was this the message the producers of this video intended? We cannot be certain.The best course of action is to refuse to partake of the product in the cup.

After I finished the original post on 2g1c, I saw a few more reaction videos.
All of the videos I mentioned had Caucasian talent. This is not fair, and I know it. These two gentlemen should provide a bit of balance.
In the video, the girls hurled on each other. In this video, the talent shows the tact to employ a potted plant.
This video shows a man who knows how to focus a video camera. It looks good on full screen.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
puker-pucker, puke, pukes, purer, pure, poker
nicea- nice, niece, niche, nike
inerrant- inert, ignorant
digesto- digest, digits

Thursday, December 20, 2007

pictures of flowers

Many of you have heard about "2girls1cup".
I am not suggesting that you watch this. If you are sensitive, have a heart condition, or have just eaten, you may want to look at something else. I was going to say pass, but that is an obvious joke. It is gross, disgusting, and without redeeming social value. It is not safe for work, and has great danger for play.
I have now seen the entire thing. I suspect they are using ice cream for the first prop, and some kind of liquid for the second act. The product just flows out so smoothly, and with such consistent texture, that it is tough to believe that it is the real thing.
Some people believe anything they see is real. Camera tricks are so easy. And no, camera tricks is not a joke about the two girls, although it could be.
Pro wrestlers, politicians, and Prosperity Pastors are cut out of the same mold.

Now there are the reaction videos. They all start with the dippy piano music that plays on 2g1c. Then the fun begins.
I hope that kind of music doesn't turn into a pavlovian cue.
Some sick person showed this to his grandmother. She was not amused.
There is the Italian grandfather who needed to be propped up. He didn't seem to notice much.
Someone even called the police. This is not that funny, although the lady cop has a mini skirt uniform.
There is the angry german kid. He might get violent.
The original has surfaced from the lost planet. This may be the most shocking one of all.
And for those with way too much time, there is more.Is that more or moron? A guy with a nose ring talks for six minutes about the philosophy of 2g1c. He compares this entertainment to the Ron Paul movement. The two movements do have something in common.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Shut up Bill O'Reilly

JWD-and with that time to get ready fo a neighborhood CHRISTMAS gathering, and not a holiday gathering
PG-I think a secular christmas is a good idea...if Jesus worshippers want to talk about their boi, that is cool, if you just want to shop and eat then that is fine too
JWD-secular - Christmas is an oxymoron
JWD-without Christmas there wouldn’t be any of this
PG-yea, but those of who that are hated by Jesus need to enjoy the holiday as well
JWD-its not their holiday
PG-the birth of Jesus is nothing for me to celebrate, Jesus hates me...but I still enjoy the holiday
This bit of dialog from yesterday has got me thinking. There is a problem with Christmas.
Before I started, I need to emphasize that JWD is a good man. This polarizing of Christmas turns people against each other, and, at the very least does not create peace on earth and good will towards men.
The problem is that Christmas is a big party that I am not invited to. I can choose to ignore the religious message, enjoy the festivities, and be done with it.
But this attitude gets in the way.
PG-yea, but those of who that are hated by Jesus need to enjoy the holiday as well
JWD-its not their holiday
When I was a kid, I was told if you were going to bring candy to school, you should bring enough for everyone. It is considered rude to eat in front of people without offering them some.
And yet, Jesus Worshippers routinely have a big festive Christmas Celebration in front of all the non believers, and the heathen are expected to ignore it.
This includes those who practice other religions (Including today’s whipping boy, Islam), non believers, and those who simply don't agree with Christianity. These people are not cool enough to come to the Christmas Party of the Jesus Worshippers.
Of course all is not that bad. Before Bill O"Reilly made a spectacle of himself, Christmas was for everyone who wanted to join in. If I just wouldn't think so much, It still can be for me.
I am posting some flowers tonight, and a picture of clouds. If you look closely, you just might see reindeer doing some practice flying

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

spelling mistakes

JWD-whats the blog of the day , PG
PG-i dont know yet JWD....i may expound on a question i asked the other mormonism a cult, religiion, faith or mess

JWD-depnds on which corner you are in, PG
JWD-whats the difference between faith and religion, according to you
PG-i think people are saying faith for what they used to call religion, and i dont think it is a good move

JJW-I heard that fath is beleaving with out reservation
JWD-to me faith is embedded in all religions
PG-faith is an intangible like trust and respect, and should be used for one on one situations, be it G-d and man or man and
man....religion is a system of beliefs, and the infrastructure built around it
JWD- anglican here but we define ias a religion no a faith
PG-you could just as well say a mans trust as a mans faith
DL-I believe the sun shall rise again. .
JWD-then what does one call an athiest ?
PG-most jesus worshippers see spiritual discipline in christian terms, when often that model does not apply
JWD- true if you dont ascribe to that model
JWD-<<< happen to be a , as you say a Jesus worshipper
PG-not all religions have a book that they call the word of G-d, and not all religions are obsessed with life after death
JWD-what your problem with spelling out God ??/
PG-that is an orthodox Jewish thing which i like....i suppose it is a bit of an affectation, but I like to do it
JWD- i know about that, or he who has no name
PG-i have a great respect for the third commandment, about the improper use of sacred names.....many christians wear out
that commandment
JWD-, my typing is the pitstoday
PG-this dialog may be recycled as a blog post, btw
JWD-you mean i may be on the net, wow
JWD-just correct my spelling ,lol
PG-you already are, you are a star.....i like to list spell check suggestions, some of which are very poetic
PG-I just write stuff to put between the pictures
JWD-and with that time to get ready fo a neighborhood CHRISTMAS gathering, and not a holiday gathering
PG-sunday is too nice a day to worry about religion
JWD-well if it werent for religion you wouldnt have it
PG-i think a secular christmas is a good idea...if jesus worshippers want to talk about their boi, that is cool, if you just want to shop and eat then that is fine too

PG-the problem is when the jesus worshippers want to have it all about jesus, which i have never known it to be

JWD-secular - Christmas is an oxymoron
JWD-without Christmas there wouldnt be any of this
PG-yea, but those of who that are hated by jesus need to enjoy the holiday as well
JWD-why ?
JWD-its not their holiday
PG-the birth of jesus is nothing for me to celebrate, jesus hates me...but i still enjoy the holiday
KLK-jesus does not ghate ANYBODY
JWD-right KLK
PG-jesus hates me, i see it in the words and deeds of his believers
JWD- well sorry you feel that way PG
PG-it is the truth
JWD-if you want to believe that
KLK-believersd are just sinners forgiven but stillsinners
PG-i dont want to, but the evidence i see tells me that it is the truth
JWD- I am gay and christain, and i sure dont feel that way
JWD-nor does my religion preach that
PG-if you can get something worthwhile out of jesus then you are welcome to it, but my experience with jesus has been
JWD-were you raised Baptist, PG ?
PG-oh yea
JWD-though so
JWD- so was i.
PG-it is the 36 years since i left the baptist church that taught me that jesus hates me
JWD-been there too PG, escaped from their clutches in college
PG-the pastor at my childhood church was widely rumored to be gay
PG-he greased his hair and shouted a lot
JWD-mabye he needed something else greased

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

it does not add up

There is a big fuss going on about baseball players who use steroids. And I cannot understand why.
Baseball players are entertainers. They perform on television. The money that television pays is one reason these entertainers make the outlandish amounts of money they make.
Television gets its money from selling advertising. And a prominent advertiser is Beer.
Beer is a drug. Alcohol is America's number one drug problem, by a wide margin. The statistics are easy to find, so I won't repeat them, but the bottom line is that alcohol ruins lives, breaks up families, and kills people.
Now, people say that steroids are a drug. The use of steroids is "cheating".
So, the players have to be steroid free to sell alcohol.
Athletes use their bodies to make a living. Baseball players don't abuse themselves as much as some sports, but they still push themselves. Throwing a curveball is not a natural act, and it takes a toll on a pitcher’s arm. But we allow, even encourage this kind of self abuse. If a player wants to use chemicals to enhance his performance, knowing that he is putting his future health at risk, should he be allowed to make this choice? They are required to push legal drugs when they play on television.
The players are also relentlessly tested to insure that they don't use other forms of chemical entertainment. Just like the rest of the working population in this formerly free country. And every time they play on television, they promote alcohol use.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too Slick

Sometime this thing just writes itself. Go to the internet, look for a few minutes, and something amazing hits you in the face. Like the other day when I saw the Southern Company saying
” The southeastern United States has abundant rainfall and waterways to supply water for power plants.”
The controversy du jour is Mike Huckabee and his question about Mormonism. He asked someone if Mormons believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan. In the headline department today, it is either this or a report about baseball players using steroids.
As some of you know, I spent seven years working closely with a professional Jesus Worshipper. Maybe I broke a mirror. More than once, He told me,
“You are the devil”.
I don’t think I am the devil, but I could be wrong. One thing though…Jesus is not my brother.
Back to Mormonism.
Is it a cult? Is it a religion? Is it a faith? Is it a mess? Who Knows?
Yes, this thing sometimes writes itself, but the editing is not automatic.
Now, I feel like I know enough about Mormonism. While I admire their clean living and family values, they do seem a bit weird. When I heard about computerized baptism by proxy of long dead relative’s…good grief. As a recovering Baptist, I know weird when I see it.
But do they really think Jesus and Satan were siblings?
Did they have a sister?

There is a website called “Romney Experience”. The second line is “ Explaining Mitt and Mormonism to an Underinformed World”. Underinformed? That doesn’t sound like a compliment.
They don’t make themselves look good either.

“But let’s get down to the truth of the matter: Do Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers? You can answer that with another question: Do evangelicals believe that Mike Huckabee and Hitler are brothers? (say it with an ominous tone preferably with dark strings playing in the background). “

Some people are just too slick for their own good. And their candidate is Mitt Romney.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My story and I am sticking to it

You have to wonder what is next.
For longtime Falcon witnesses (Fan is too strong), you know that when you think it can't get any worse, it usually does.
I just finished reading "My story (and I'm sticking too it)". This highly entertaining book
(possibly out of print, but go to the yard sales like I did) is the autobiography of Alex Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins himself wrote it, without the aid of a ghostwriter.
Once, Mr. Hawkins stayed out a bit later than a married man should. The next day, he told his wife he didn't want to bother her, so he slept on the hammock on the back porch.
His wife mentioned that she had thrown the hammock away a week earlier.
"Thats my story and I'm sticking to it". "

Number 25 played for the Baltimore ColtsYearning to be a starter, he asked to be in the expansion draft that supplied the Atlanta Falcons with players. He got his wish.
When he met original Falcons owner Rankin Smith, someone said, of Mr. Smith,
"" He's not a bad guy, he just drinks too much". " Mr. Smith was later compared to Jed Clampett.
Atlanta Stadium got a hyphen and Fulton County added to its name, was compared to the cement pond.
As Alex Hawkins describes it, the first Falcons training camp in Black Mountain N.C. was the biggest mess he has ever seen.At one point, the team returned from an pre season game, only to discover the cook had gone home.
The team went on to go 3-11 that first year, but was largely forgiven by the public. The first win was over the New York Giants in the original Yankee Stadium. The crowd was waving hankerchiefs and chanting "Good bye Allie" to the Giants coach. At least he finished the season.
This year the Dirty Birds may go 3-13. The superdoobie star quarterback is serving a 23 month prison sentence. The shirt he wore in court Monday elicited the comment;
"" I wouldn't wear that to a dog fight ". "
Owner Rankin Blank is wishing he had kept selling sheetrock.
And the head coach has quit to be the new coach at the University of Arkansas. This is the same state that gave us Bill Clinton, and is offering Mike Huckabee. Now, they have a football coach that was too sorry for the Falcons.
Unless Bernie Marcus takes up Rankin Blank on his kind offer to feed Mr. Petrino to the sharks at the fishtank.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
clampett- clamped, clemet, campest, limpet, clamfest
petrino- portion perini, petering, perrine, parting, pertain, petting, patriot, potion, patron