Monday, May 28, 2007

Who did Jane work for?

Listening to talk radio while you drive is a dangerous activity. You might start to think, and forget to dodge an 18 wheeler.
Squeal was on a rant today about Jane Fonda. It it the same story you have heard many times...she gave aid and comfort to the enemy, she is a traitor, she should have been executed.
Sometimes when you hear something too many times, you begin to have doubts about what you heard. A light bulb went off in my head when I heard the Fonda Rant again...what if she was working for the US government when she went to Hanoi?
What was in it for the government? This trip gave our government a discredited leader of the antiwar movement to denounce. When the government was trashing Jane Fonda, they did not have to defend the disastrous policies of that war.
Ms. Fonda has been an icon of right wing hatred ever since, as well as military training. ( Disclosure: I was never in the service, but am repeating what others have said.)
Ms. Fonda made some radio broadcasts from Hanoi. Is it possible that coded messages to our troops were included in these broadcasts?
Why would a women known for her left wing activism do such a thing? Maybe, the FBI had some dirt on her and blackmailed her.
In 1967, Kurt Vonnegut published a book titled "Mother Night". It tells the story of Howard W. Campbell Jr. Mr. Campbell made propaganda broadcasts for Germany in World War II, which were secretly used to pass coded messages to the Allies. He was condemned as a traitor after the war, but never prosecuted .He did not win an Academy Award.

The role of the government in this affair could have taken another role. Perhaps Ms. Fonda was sincere in her actions, but aided by the government. Ms. Fonda was under surveillance in 1972. The government would have known about her plans to go to North Vietnam, and perhaps could have stopped her. But, because her going to Hanoi was to their advantage, the government allowed the trip to take place.
The above is speculation, and could be horribly wrong. The fact that Ms.Fonda has expressed regrets over her trip neither proves nor disproves this.
But clearly, the trip she made to Hanoi had propaganda value to the US government. It has been a Godsend over the years.
During his rant today, Squeal said that US troops died because of Ms. Fonda. By saying this, he can ignore the tens of thousands of troops who died because Richard Nixon wanted to wait until 1973 to sign a peace treaty. He could have made the same deal in 1969. Peace with honor indeed.


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