Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hoover Option

A few days ago, the possibility that the government allowed Jane Fonda to go to Hanoi was discussed.
To sum up, Ms. Fonda's trip to North Vietnam had numerous propaganda/p.r. advantages to the American government. While the possibility of direct government intervention cannot be ruled out, another scenario would have the government knowing about the trip, having the ability to stop the trip, but allowing it to happen.
For the purposes of today's discussion, we will call this the "Hoover Option"(HO). It is named for J. Edgar Hoover, who was the publicity savvy director of the FBI, until his death in 1972.
HO is a favorite of conspiracy theorists. It is difficult to prove or disprove, and explains a lot of things.
Another event which is conspiracy rich, and which helped establish HO, was the shooting of John Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The various hypotheses on this event are well known. Numerous people wanted JFK to retire...gangsters, teamsters, Republicans, Lyndon Johnson, Vietnamese... to the point to where it is tough to sort out all the possible candidates.
The thinking goes here, that J. Edgar Hoover knew of the plot to kill JFK, could have stopped it, but chose to allow it to happen. Even conspiracy skeptics think this is plausible.
Nor does the concept of Lee Harvey Oswald working alone eliminate the prospect of HO. Here was a sketchy character, known to have traveled to the Soviet Union and favor "fair play for Cuba"He worked in a building on the parade route. As much as the FBI knew...especially about those with Soviet connections...is it possible that Mr. Hoover knew what Mr. Oswald was going to do that Friday. And decided to allow him to go through with it.
And why did Jackie choose that photogenic pink outfit?

A few years later, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis, TN. Mr. Hoover had a well known hatred of Dr. King. How did another sketchy character get a room within gunshot range of the hotel Dr. King was staying in? How did he know when Dr. King would be stepping on the balcony? Did Mr. Hoover know all of this, and still allow the shooting to take place? Why was Jesse Jackson there?
J. Edgar Hoover died on May 2, 1972. This was 13 days before Arthur Bremer shot George Wallace, six weeks before the watergate burglary, and eight weeks before Jane Fonda went to Hanoi. Mr. Hoover died at the height of the Nixon administrations "dirty tricks", just a few weeks before they got caught and began their flameout. This may be a coincidence.
HO has probably been in existence throughout history. Most leaders have blood on their hands, and it is always better to get someone else to do the dirty work.
Pearl Harbor has long been the object of this speculation. There is little doubt that Mr. Roosevelt wanted the United States to join the war, but was having a tough time with an isolationist public. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Mr. Roosevelt got what he wanted. It has long been speculated that he knew in advance about the attack, and let it go down. There were obvious advantages to him.
Which brings us to the Pearl Harbor of the modern era, 9-11. The attacks that day were a political jackpot for George Bush. He was able to ram many restrictions on civil liberties through congress, and begin a war in Iraq that had clearly been planned for some time. Did our government know about the attacks, and quietly let them happen?


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