Friday, January 13, 2006

Arlington Sunday

September 5, 1982. I am making a delivery to Taylor and Mathis. A plane is flying by, carrying a banner; "Harvey Mathis is Fifty"

January 8, 2006. I go for a walk at Arlington Cemetery, along with my friend Robert and a blind chow named Uzi.

Steppenwolf did "Born to be wild" on the radio as I was going up Lake Forest Drive to the facility.

Steppenwolf was also a novel by Herman Hesse. One day in 1970, a recent graduate of Cross Keys High School went to the 22nd floor indoor balcony at the Regency Hyatt House. She left a copy of Steppenwolf on the railing, and jumped to the lobby 22 floors below.

Leaving the burial ground, the song on the radio was " I wanna be sedated" by the ramones. Three of the original four members of that band are now deceased.

Vietnam sent many fine young men to a premature demise. This man died on my 17th birthday.

Holocaust Survivor. When I see those words on a headstone, I wonder how I could complain about anything.

Coworker and friends were visited. After a visit to the baby section, the only thing left was the sculpture garden. This is the site of sunrise services on Easter Sunday.


Blogger Rose~ said...

Hi Chamblee,
Death is inevitable for all ... as cemetaries so well remind us. I hope you stop hating Jesus before yours comes. He really is a wonderful saviour, even though His followers sometimes dissapoint.

2:20 PM  

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