Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cold Weather

Originally, I went out on my bike to take pictures of what i call "doggie no signs".

Brookhaven used to be full of houses that looked like this, albeit without the purple paint. This house is across from a row of condos, and used to have a sign in front..."greedy developers suck".

Walking is a great activity. Last week I posted this comment about a walk I took.
I just got back from taking a walk in the cold twilight.
I went through a forest, which is still standing 3 miles from the city limits of a major city.
I went to a mall. The mall is now dominated by Mexicans, and was full of happy men, women, and children who have come to the United States to find a better life.
The ATM at the mall gave me money.
I walked back to the house, and my body heat was captured by the layers I was wearing, so I was no longer cold.
I see God in all of this

The day before I had taken a similar hike...the ATM did not work that day...and I took my camera.

Inside the mall, these birds were on display.

Photography is a popular pastime at the mall. Here are two backgrounds on display.

Granite and limestone are two of the featured players in the stone circle.This picture is notable because I was able to edit out the barkaholic dogs next door. If only I could do that in real life.

Self-timer photography is a dangerous hobby. I have gotten some bad press for other pictures, which offer "too much information". In partial retribution for those, I offer this image of me with lots of clothes on.


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