Monday, January 09, 2006

Letterman vs BO

I am so grateful I don’t have cable tv.
Aside from being subjected to cable company service, you are also exposed to the fox news network.
Of course, I can read Bill O’Reilly (BO) in the Sunday Paper, along with another argument for retroactive birth control, Ann Coulter. I can get an idea of what he is talking about, including the laughable "War on Christmas"
Aside from my own blog babble about the WOC, I got into another bitchfight with a jesus worship blog(Look in the December05 archive, "What", "So Called", and "The Last Santa Post"). I made the comment:
2- This has been a bad year for christmas. Fox News made a play for ratings out of the "war on christmas", which really took some of the fun out of it for me.
To which my counterpart replied
I’m not sure, really, how this was a “bad year” for Christmas. Even after reading your link, Christmas still was pretty good all around. All-told, about 3 billion people celebrated it in one way or another.
to which I replied:
Christmas can be very unpleasant when you are alienated from jesus. The fact that 3 billion people celebrated it this year (please break that figure down for us) only serves to isolate people who have been shown the ugly truth of jesus by way of jesus worshippers. The fact that Bill O'Reilly tried to score rating points by exploiting this situation only makes it worse. argument that is plausible but fallacious or misleading, especially one devised deliberately to be so
Now , thanks to the HammerofTruth I have a copy of the BO-Letterman debate. I also have a copy of BO's column about this meeting, as well as a story from MediaMatters,regarding one of the points BO made.
Now , I could go through all this...matter... and sort out, compare, contrast, cross reference, annotate, affiliate, and masticate to my hearts content. Using the above links, you the blogreader can do the same thing. Such are the wonders of the internet.
If you like, you can even go here, and there, and find out more about BO, his sexual harassment settlement, his love of falafel , and much much more , until you discover a new meaning for the phrase T.M.I.
But then, Mr. Letterman summed much of it up when he said “I’m not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feeling, I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap."


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