Sunday, April 16, 2006


Unpleasant reality has kept me from posting lately. The quagmire of unemployment was wearing my spirits down, and my mental health was in a nosedive.
Of course, things are a touch better now. I am a week and a half into a job, and things are looking good on that front. I got a call from another company that I interviewed with, but I was already taken, and in a better situation. While this struggle is not over, things are brighter now.
The last couple of days I have enjoyed. It is spring, the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming, and I got a vegetable garden started in the back yard. When you are out of work, Saturday is just another day, but after 40 hours on the job, you feel like you have earned it. Of course, in the blueprint business, weekend overtime is a part of the game. This is good for the bank account, but I do enjoy my time off. I have enjoyed this two day weekend, because I know that it may be a while before I see another one.
Could it be that this is what Easter is all about? The renewal of the life cycle, celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. While the jesus worshippers are hooting about the death and resurrection of J-boi, they ignore the other possibilities. There is a tendency to confuse the medium and the message in that arrogant belief system, and one day I will learn to ignore the noise and enjoy my life.


Blogger marc said...

I'm glad you got a job that you at least can tolerate if not enjoy. It does feel good to work 40 hour week than change gears on Saturday. Thanks also for your thoughtful comments on my blog. Keep up the art work to, I like the six dotpiece, but I don't know why.

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