Thursday, April 27, 2006


There are a few phrases that, while not quite the truth, are not complete lies either. The two that I will examine in this issue are “NASCAR is rigged” and “Jesus Hates Me”.
Both of these sayings will anger people. NASCAR fanatics are almost as bad as jesus worshippers, and cause worse traffic jams, albeit only twice a year locally. While I rather doubt that NASCAR is actually rigged, I cannot dismiss it completely. After all, how else do you explain the phenomenon of Jeff Gordon.
The other Phrase that pays…”Jesus Hates Me”…is a bit more troubling. It too will anger a great many people, who will cheerfully show you the truth of it , given the opportunity. Yes, jesus is a spirit that lives in the heart of those who believe in him. He has little to do with the historic figure that may or may not have lived in Palestine 2000 years ago. Jesus is a spirit, and what better way to meet this spirit than through his believers.
And he is UGLY.
Now, lots of people make excuses for jesus, and say that what his believers do is just what his believers do. On the other hand, these believers say that jesus changed their life, that he made them what they are today. So, jesus made you a hateful arrogant loudmouth. I believe you.
As some of you know, I spent seven years recently working closely with a professional jesus worshipper. Once he did say something I agreed with.
He had a temper tantrum, directed at me in front of witnesses. He said some offensive things about my deceased parents ( your momma is gone, your daddy is gone, but you are not alone). He ranted and shouted, humiliating me and making me feel like I was an inch tall. The last thing he said….”what you see is jesus, changing my life”
….”what you see is jesus, changing my life”
….”what you see is jesus, changing my life”
It does not make me happy to feel that jesus hates me, because I know that most of his worshippers will hate me as well. That is what jesus does for people.
But it is the truth. Unless, jesus is just the invention of hateful man, in which case it is hateful man that hates me, because of jesus.


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a life is not changed overnight.

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