Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Surprise, it has been another day.
I am working in Marietta this week, which involves driving on the evil I 285. So far, going west at 730 am from Glenridge Road has not been too bad.
To get to Glenridge, I drive down a stretch of Johnson Ferry, past all the hospitals, over hwy 400 and on to the perimeter. I used to take this route to 400 when I was working there 20 years ago. Believe it or not, there are some parts of that road that still look the same today as they did in 1986. Of course, there is a massive sewer project on Nancy Creek, tacky housing galore, and the Hwy 400 extension, so change has not passed this neighborhood by.

After a while,I go back home, write a check, and walk up to the mailbox at the airport to mail it. This involves going through the forest behind the house I used to live in, which is like visiting an old friend. I need to take some clippers with me next time I go to clear some of the vines from the trail...it looks like no one has taken my place on that chore.
It is now 10:43 pm, and I will need to get up at 6. When I got home today I was dog tired, and needed a major effort to get up and do something. Now, when I should be thinking about sleep, I have some energy, and feel good about life. Maybe I should stay up for a while and enjoy this, knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself out in big chicken country.


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