Sunday, May 07, 2006

ho ho

Saturday evening, and time for an after dinner stroll. At the top of one of the hills (In Atlanta, flat land is man made. Everything else is up or down hill.) there is a house with mint plants growing outside the fence by the curb, and it is easy to pinch off a few leaves and chew on them as I stroll.
After I get onto Clairmont, there is a frame shop across from the “Mint” chinese/thai restaurant, formerly known as “Ho Ho”. The frame shop was a drug store at one time, back in the pre chain days when the majority of drug stores were independently owned.
Flash back to the summer of 1964. My neighbor and I went for a walk one day, and we wound up in that drug store. I saw a tabloid newspaper with a headline “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bullet Hole”. I opened a copy, and sure enough, there was a picture of a body on a slab with a wound in its belly. It has a sheet over its head, so I am not sure it was Mr. Oswald.

Panentheism anyone?The church that sponsored that sign is across from the mall. I have been inside one time, to attend a wedding. My brother is a member.
IMHO, the message on the sign is useless. You couldn’t live without god if you tried. If you tried to turn your back on god, she would still be looking you in the face.
This is one of the less offensive messages I have seen there. This can be annoying if you are just driving by a building to go to Mcdonalds, and somebody pulls your chain about god, or worse, jesus ( Is your problem with jesus intellectual or moral?).

Dumpsters, on the other hand, are in an apartment complex behind the frame shop, and you have to go there to see them. Usually this is when there is a yard sale. “Put trash in dumpster, not on ground” is a more useful message than the church sign.
And god contributes the kudzu and pine tree backdrop.


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