Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Tellyawhat, this has been a great night for a walk.
It started when I finally got a check from the temp agency. It seems as though the lady I have been working with got another job, and no one knew to mail my check. I made a phone call Monday, and the check arrived today.
I signed the check, wrote the account number and “for deposit only” and filled out the deposit slip. I always carefully open the envelope the check comes in, and I re use it with the check and the deposit slip. I write the amount on the outside, so I will know what to punch into the atm when I get there, and I also add the account number, because “**it happens”.
I walked down tobey road, and passed my brother, who was “power walking”. I appreciate exercise as much as anyone, but I think being outside and working my legs is enough action. Arm waving with weights is too much work. It goes without saying that I don’t have the stroller, dogs, and cell phone that so many strollers seem to require.
I passed by a house that is about to be bulldozed. I walked into the yard, and found a nice collection of rocks along the driveway. The next few days should find me gathering stone there.
All this time I was enjoying the honeysuckle. The air is loaded with the stuff these days, and I think it is great.
So I get to the mall, and as I am about to walk in I see the guard locking the door. I walk around, past the restaurant where I did dim sum on chinese new year, down to the atm. There is the curious location of a bakery next to a dental office. Walking around the back, I go past the aa meeting hall. I have long thought I should go to a Tuesday night meeting, just to see what it is like. Of course, I didn’t think of it until 930 pm this Tuesday night, so it will have to wait another week. Now, I quit drinking 17 years ago, and made my phone call to the meeting place 10 years ago. By those standards, I should make it to a meeting around 2022. I would imagine that the meeting hall would still be there…those things don’t seem to go anywhere. This one is aggressively discreet, for obvious reasons. However, when you see a nondescript meeting hall with a bunch of cars in front on a weeknight, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is “friends of bill”. At least when they meet in a church you can pretend it is choir practice.


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