Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

Looking for a few chuckles last night, I went to one of my favorite “ho ho” blogs. Instead, I found a thoughtful piece that someone wrote about his Mother.
In the seven years since my own Mother left us, I have done my best to ignore Mother's day. Of course, when you repress/ignore something, it just comes back to slap you harder later. This piece about ____’s Mother came out of nowhere to "slap the slop" out of me.
There is so, so much I could say about my Mother. While she was human and there were things to complain about, she more than made up for it with love, generosity and abundant good humor.
Mom was a devoted, sincere Christian. While she was disappointed when I did not adopt this lifestyle, she had to good grace to accept me the way I was. Her love never diminished. As I look at the ugly behavior of many Christians today, I remember her as an example of a good Christian.
I will go on tomorrow, back to the life I have today. This life is but one of the many things Mom gave me.

Grandmothers are another reason to celebrate today. “Gran” has been gone 35 years now. Born in the 19th century, she was the 11th of 12 children. Her father fought in the War Between the States. In 1929, just as the depression hit, her husband died, leaving her with two small children. Somehow, she made it.


Blogger marc said...

This is a very touching remembrence about your mother. Thanks for sharing it.

9:16 PM  

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