Sunday, September 17, 2006

castiron attitude

This weekend has been much too fast. I did get some things done.

Mr. Miro is one of my heroes. He was both a prolific artist and a good marketer, and apparently was worth a lot of money when he died at an old age. In his later years he was into self parody, but when the gas was connected to his stove, he was cooking. This image is the genesis of my current project.

SaturdayMorning. I was starting to whip this puppy into shape saturday. The yard sales were worthless, the clothes got washed, so there was nothing to keep me from finishing this image.

Numberplay. This is the numbered pattern that I plan to work with. Of course, the model stage is yet to happen, and there will be a lot of changes then, and the design may be altered.

Modelplay This is what I produced today. The design has been rendered into 1/4" blocks. This will allow me to make a model of the image with the colors that I will use in the final product. I will see what it looks like, and make changes until I have a product I am happy with.

RicoCarty Saturday afternoon, I went out on my bike with my camera. I wound up on a strip of businesses on Peachtree Road just before the Peachtree Industrial Split. I may or may not give a detailed commentary, but this one business is worth talking about. It started as a "shrimp boat", or some kind of place selling fried fish. After that failed, a Braves baseball player named Rico Carty opened a bbq place. I went in one afternoon when he was there, and it was obvious that, whatever his talents as a baseball player, he was not cut out to own a restaurant. After it closed, Dekalb County made selling liquor legal, and overnight dozens of failed businesses became liquor stores. This was a frequent stop for me in my drinking days. I haven’t been inside in ages, and don’t even know who owns it now.

This is where I get my handle. The waffle house is down the road, so you can go down Peachtree and take a right at the waffle house. There is a little road next to the wh, with a kennel full of barking dogs at the end.
The cast iron man has an attitude problem.


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