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The Frequent Folder


The choices you make on the internet tell you something about yourself. With so much information out there you have to choose where you are going to spend your time.(out there is a good description of many sites) It is normal to choose sites that agree with your basic attitudes.
The soldier blogs have been a disappointment. While there may be some that report the fighting in ground level detail, most of the ones I see are right wing talkers. They talk politics from a pro war position, and trash the liberals and the msm at every opportunity. When I see or hear someone trashing liberals, that tells me I probably will not be entertained or educated by what follows.
There is a folder on my machine called shortcuts. I save addresses to favorites/bookmarks, and move them into this folder. There are 403 items in shortcuts now. I do not check 403 sites every day. For everyday use, I have an edited shortcut folder called frequent. This selection for today is from frequent, and is my everyday journey through the blogosphere.
This blog you are reading is Chamblee54. It is one of my two corners of the internet. It is a clean language view of the world.
Many of you are reading this feature on Atlbloggers. This is a group effort, which generously prints my contributions. Atlbloggers is a little community, with a feud, stories of young children, sports reports, politics, and lots and lots of music. There are several sites here that feature mp3 downloads, and I have copped some great tunes in the few weeks that I have been visiting. It changes all the time (unlike some of the sites I visit), so it is always a good stop.


Many veteran reporters and writers have blogs. They can tell the story the way they want to, without trouble making editors and ad salesmen. Two of the best are Joe Bageant and Kikoshouse.

The biggest story in Amerika these days is the war in Babylon. Kikoshouse has a special interest in this war, and has an interesting take on it just about every day. I will give you a clue...he doesn't think we are winning.
Some of the best writing on the war is coming from Iraqis, both in country and in exile. The Shaqawa has a point of view that I haven't deciphered, and describes it with colorful language. Iraqi Konfused Kid is a 17 yo living in Jordan, who doesn't write regularly but tells good stories when he does. Iraqimojo is another good source, and he is easy to access....just open a blogspot site, type iraqimojo in the space of the name, and click go. In addition to regular posts, Iraqimojo has links to several other sites, which will in turn have links to several more sites. Before long you will have Baghdad up to your eyebrows.
Iraqimojo has a video link up now called "Collateral Damage". It tells the story of some children playing hopscotch in a yard when a plane dropped a bomb on them. Some of the kids were killed, and a girl named Salee had her legs blown off above the knees. Just remember, we are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here.
One thing that happens when you read the Iraqi blogs is unfamiliar knowledge. You hear a lot of names, and a lot of organizations that you have never heard of before. You realize just how complicated the land between the rivers really is.
You will not be greeted as a liberator

Downloading music is one of the joys of the internet. Two of the best sites for this are Aquarium Drunkard and Jockohomo. They both have lists of links, and there are lots and lots of download sites, which I haven't made it to yet. I can only listen to one thing at a time, and it takes a few listenings to really appreciate something. There is only so much time to listen, and also enjoy the sound of the world.... crickets chirping, cars whooshing by, those life saving window fans...the world is full of wondrous sounds, some of which you can copy for free on the internet.

I originally got into blogging after placing a comment at a Jesus Worship blog. If you want to read the full story, go to the early archives of Chamblee54.
I still follow Pyromaniacs, even though I am banned from commenting there. Some folks can dish it out but can't take it.
Some of the more agreeable Jesus Worshippers are From the Morning and Grateful Bear. I hesitate to pigeonhole them with refuse like Pyropoopoo, but it is getting late and I want to finish this thing before I go to bed. Just say that there is diversity in the Jesus Worship world. As you may guess, diversity is a dirty word at Pyromaniacs.
It is sort of like when I was 14 yo and watched wrestling on TV. After a while I got tired of it, and moved on.

Then there are the alternative lifestyles. If you have to ask, you don’t need to know.
There is my alternative blog, Piersgavestonjr. Named after the BF of king Edward 2 of England, PG has pictures, stories from my life, commentaries, chat transcripts, and lots of trashy fun.
Gay Orbit is based in Atlanta, and told me about Atlbloggers. GO has news, current events, pictures, and stories of life in the city. He says he is a conservative, but he is not Sean Hannity. He also does not seem to appreciate my comments, but, to his credit, has not banned me.
Large Tony is a big favorite of mine. A country man living with his Granny in East Tennessee, LT spins great stories.
The chronicle is the story of the Neo Prodigy. The only Live Journal site on my list, NP has an interesting life.
There are two more sites, which have such great names that I have to mention them. I usually don't get around to visiting these two...only so much time...but FaggotyAssFaggot and GlitterforBrains get points for hairy handles.


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