Friday, August 31, 2007

last day of summer

The last day of summer
Labor day has come to mean the last day of summer. I know about the technicality involving the equinox, but realistically this weekend is it. Football is about to erupt, the heat of the summer is broken...and not a minute too soon... and it is about to be autumn.
It has been a day like many others. There is a sign on Canton Hiway that says Honk if you like Peace and Quiet
I saw a car with a Mit Romney bumper sticker this morning. He couldn't decide which lane he wanted to stay in, and kept shifting from left to center to right. I bet he also likes "ZigZag" Zell Miller.
The memorial service for Richard Jewell is this afternoon. The service will be at the Brookhaven Baptist Church, just down the street from Cross Keys High School. While I never attended there, I have known lots of people who did. The radio voice said it was his childhood church. This is one more close touch in a sad sad story.
Another radio voice said that Alberto Gonzales was lucky. The thinking was that the Larry Craig story broke this week, and took attention away from the desire of Mr. Gonzales to spend time with his family. Now, knowing the way the media works, and also knowing that Mr. Craig's tap dancing took place in June, you have to wonder why this news broke out this week.
Listening to the radio, they said that i285 was backed up from Roswell Road to Stone Mountain Freeway. I considered and abandoned alternative plans, including going into town on i75 and driving back up. I looked at the Georgia Navigator and saw a bunch of red stripes before hwy 400 on the "watermelon 500". And I know that wednesday and thursday the perimeter was jammed, and it took me an hour to get home wednesday.
But it is friday, and time for adventure. I got on i285 and drove 55mph all the way to Roswell Road. I celebrated by calling El Torrero and getting dinner.
The summer is now over.



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