Sunday, August 19, 2007

A bit of a drive

8/18/2007 10:05:03 AM
It is time for another "what I ate for breakfast " post. Which, btw, was ramen noodles with el torrero salsa. I was tired of driving yesterday, and skipped my usual friday carryout from el torrero. That place has a consistent crew for a food place, the same staff week in and week out, the same table full of drunks at the front on friday afternoon...a touch of reassuring consistency in an always changing world.
Today is final assembly for Jesus Mouth. It takes longer and longer to from concept to assembly, but it is getting done.
In the meantime, I am downloading music. The first was a gem, "franks wild years" by Tom Waits. I saw tom waits sitting at a table once with his band. It was in the balcony of the agora ballroom on Peachtree Street. This was between sets of a show by Tim Curry, when he was making his well financed attempt at being a rock star. Someone lost a ton of money on that, but it would make a good post.
So anyway, Tom Waits was playing there the next night, and I saw a bunch of guys sitting at a table in the balcony. I asked the bodyguard if that was Tom Waits, and he said no, it just looks like him.
10:56:50 AM
I am back from the first yard sale of the day. It was a bunch of overpriced junk...there was a warehouse broom, which caught my eye until I learned he wanted $8 for it.
Back to the downloads, jockohomo has something he calls "the mash and bash drive by shooting" I am listening to "Cars" by Gary Numan, with bits of "Drive my car" by the Beatles, and rappers performing on top of it all.
Once, I spent a few days wandering around San Francisco. Everywhere I went I heard "Cars". Everywhere.
Another concoction "crazy freak" by the osmonds vs chic, was not as much fun. I kept seeing Mit Romney dancing to it.
10:37:21 PM
Well, it is twelve hours later.
I got a bit done today, but mainly passed time. Last night, I got a copy of "Dark Side of the Moon", as if those guys need any more money. Listening to that again, 34 years after hearing it 500 times in a couple of months, was a revelation. A theme of that is wasting time, until time wastes you. Which is ok to think about, but I spend too much time thinking about me and how I got where I am today. Ultimately, I am still here, and that will have to do.
I was directed to this site that has lots of poems, and found this timeless work by the well preserved Dorothy Parker:
Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.
8/19/2007 12:44:23 AM
About midnight, it is finally cool enough to go outside. I put the sandals and a shirt on and go for a stroll.
At the end of the street, the county built a new sidewalk. This is across the street from an existing sidewalk that is seldom used. It is good for late night walks, even if the magnolia trees have low branches in the way.
Two freight trains passed through in these few minutes. The sound of a train over the hill is always enjoyable


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