Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An excuse for laziness

OK, so I have this compulsion to write, and nothing to say. Or, I have things to say, but it is always about the War in Babylon or the things radio whiners say. There are seven posts on the front page now, and the only one that isn't related to those putrid subjects...a triple obituary for Bill Walsh, Ingmar Bergman, and Tom Snyder.
There is so so much more in the world. So far today I keep thinking about a cliché that I don't like... I work to live. I don't live to work.
Excuse me; I thought living was related to being alive. This is when your heart beats, your lungs pull in air, your brain produces waves, and you are not a flat liner. Arguably G-d is kicking in your chest when you are alive, but that is getting into religion...another subject I am happier when I ignore.
Being alive does not mean you are having a good time. A big, big part of being alive is doing things that you don't like to do. Work, for many of us, is one of those things. You might not like to do it, but when you need to buy food, the money you make at your job comes in handy.
Does your heart quit beating when you hit the timeclock? Do your lungs quit pulling in air when you arrive at your workstation? (When I worked with ammonia fueled blueprint machines, this might have been a good idea). Do your brain functions go flat line between 9 and 5? (Ok, so you suspect that about your boss.)
The answer is, you are very much alive when you are at work.
Maybe if we would substitute "enjoy" for "live”, we might be a bit closer. I work to enjoy, I don't enjoy to work.
Or, maybe if you were a bit smarter, you would find a way to enjoy what you do, or at least not hate it.
Another angle is that work is like life in that it is seldom all good or all bad. For most of us, a job has good parts and bad parts. You may enjoy the chores, but dislike your co workers. Or you like the co workers, but get upset because they make more money than you. Or the job is ok, but you have to drive too far to get to it.
And, as anyone who has been unemployed can tell you, the only thing worse than working too much is not working at all.
You can get another job. You cannot get another life.


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