Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hokie Blokie

There has been a part of the Mike "Youbet" Vick case that has gone unreported.
This has been a bad year for Virginia Tech.
Mr. Vick used to play quarterback for the Hokies. Does anyone know whether or not he graduated?
According to my confidential source, Dogfighting is a major pastime in HokieLand. This is reportedly where Mr. Vick was introduced to the custom.
A few months ago, a dog lover named Cho decided to do something about it.

On a lighter note, It will be interesting to see how Bill Bennett deals with this affair in his new book. While the virtues of dogfighting and performance based canine execution is debatable, the "story" that Mr. Vick is not betting on the dogs needs to be weighed in. Of course, gambling addiction is a virtue that "Morning in America" guy knows a few things about.
Mr.Vick is saying, in effect, that he did not get a return on his investment. Mr. Bennett is a cheerleader for the virtue of capatalism. Gotta Problem?

As many observers of the Hispanic community have noted, if you give a Mexican a t shirt, he will wear it, regardless of what is said on the shirt. This can lead to some highly amusing scenes, like a man carrying a twelve pack while wearing a shirt with an AA slogan.
There have been a lot or red number 7 jerseys on Buford Hiway recently.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Youbet- doubt
Vick- Vicki vice Vickie Vicks Vicky
Hokies- hocks
hispanic- hispano whispering
Hiway- Hawaii Heiwa Howa

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