Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day Back

This is the first day back from vacation. The replacement left the truck below empty, and I had to buy gas before doing anything. The mileage was 46660.
This was a good morning to listen to the radio, as long as you don't have a wreck when you hear certain things. There are three people in the news who have problems making public statements.
The first is Alberto Gonzales. There are reports of Senators openly laughing at his statements during some hearings. Whatever he was saying, he was not convincing.
The second is America's Canine Queen, Mike Vick. He read a (Lawyer Written) statement about his situation. " I ax you for forgiveness and understanding...I have turned my life over to Jesus"
The good news, I was at a red light when I heard that. Otherwise, I might have had an accident.
The Moe to today’s Curly and Larry is Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton. Of course, she is much, much prettier than Moe.
She is also the only one of the three known by her first, middle, and last name. Usually this honor is reserved for criminals. Why aren’t Mike Vick and Alberto Gonzales referred to by all three names? And what is number seven's middle name?
While giving an amusing non answer to a question may put the Rhodes scholarship out of reach, it is hardly a felony.

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